5 Affirmations that Can Help You Forgive Yourself

· June 8, 2017
Many times, the only person that can forgive you. Learn from your mistakes, accept them and move on.

We hear about the need to forgive a lot. They say that forgiving those who hurt us lets us be free. But how many times have you heard people talk about the need to forgive yourself?

Despite the fact that forgiving ourselves is more important than forgiving others, we don’t do it often.

Have you ever thought about the number of things that you reprimand yourself for? How many times have you held yourself accountable for your circumstances or problems?

The damage that we do to ourselves is usually greater than what others cause us. Because of this, in this article, we want to help you free yourself from this.

Forgiving yourself won’t be easy. It also isn’t something that you’ll do in a day. This is a process. The following affirmations can be a great help.

I free myself from the weight of doubt, guilt, and shame.

These three emotions are the main causes of many of the problems we face. Forgiving ourselves of these is essential for moving forward. This includes forgiveness from the actions or words that cause us doubt, guilt, or shame.

However, besides saying this phrase, you need to face these emotions. This is the hard part. Plus, it’s the part that many people flee from.

Stop yourself so you can take a look at the situations that cause these emotions. Take a minute to recognize your inabilities.

Go through this process in an honest way. This will teach you more about yourself. It will also make you resistant to similar situations in the future.

It’s even possible that you’ll find that what makes you feel doubt, guilt, and shame really isn’t important.

2. Let go of the past to fully live in the future

Sometimes, all of the plans and goals we have are suffocated by the past. All of these things and people who hurt you can hold you back. They can keep you from going where you want if you don’t let them go.

Forgiving yourself means letting go of thinking about everything that you didn’t have.

We usually believe that we can only forgive ourselves for things that hurt us. This isn’t true.

There are times that we stay trapped by shortcomings or circumstances that depended on others. For instance, there are others who couldn’t forgive themselves for not being the right person for someone they loved.

You can’t be exactly what everyone needs. And the fact that the other person couldn’t find what they were looking for in you doesn’t make you any less.

3. I’m able to keep going despite my mistakes.

Our culture teaches us to avoid mistakes and wrongdoings. As a result, when we feel that we’ve done something wrong, we focus on it too much. We can go through months or years analyzing what went wrong and why.

Forgiving yourself for these errors is important for moving forward with your life. You shouldn’t forget that we all make mistakes every day. This is OK. Mistakes are the true teachers in life.

Keep in mind if everything had gone well from the beginning, you would quickly run out of things to learn. You wouldn’t be able to talk about the experiences and lessons learned from each mistake you made.

It’s true that there are mistakes that cost you a lot. However, even these have something to teach you.

From now on, see each mistake as a lesson to learn. Forgive yourself when you think about it. Keep moving towards the next step in life.

4. I’m thankful for the good things that life gives me.

If we asked you to make a list of people and things that make your life better, how many would there be? You’d probably realize that there are more than you thought.

Forgiving yourself means learning to see and accept that you aren’t alone.

Forgive yourself for the things you think are your fault. When you do, it lets you see that seeing the good isn’t that hard.

With this phrase, you’re promising to focus your attention on positive things. This might sound like something difficult to do. However, it’s possible that you’ve spent too much time seeing things from the wrong point of view.

5. Accept what was possible with what you had on hand.

In some cases, we have to make decisions quickly. Later, we might see the whole situation or get other information. As a result, you find out that you were wrong.

As a result of what you did, you may feel guilty. However, it’s better to change the feeling of guilt to one of responsibility. This is especially true if you acted with a small amount of info.

When you take responsibility, you can forgive yourself. You can also work to make the situation better. If you only focus on remembering your errors or feeling guilty, you won’t change anything.

Remember, it’s better to be proactive than to spend all of your time complaining.

The only person who can forgive you is in the mirror.

It’s normal to know people who don’t advance in life because they keep waiting to be forgiven. Is this how it is with you? How much do you want to be forgiven? Is it really possible?

The reality is that there are situations in which the only person who can set you free is yourself.

You can find yourself in a situation where the other person is far away. It could even be that they don’t want to forgive you or they’re gone for good.

Remember that you can’t live a full life if you don’t start moving forward today.