4 Unusual Tips to Avoid Mosquitoes

· January 30, 2017
Did you know that the color of your clothing can help you avoid mosquitoes? Dark colors attract more because they trap the carbon dioxide from your body.

Mosquitoes can become a real nuisance. There is also the possible risk of transmitting many diseases.

As we know, there are people who suffer more than others when it comes to attracting mosquitoes.

In this article we suggest some unusual tips to avoid mosquitoes by using natural methods.  They are solutions as surprising as essential oils, vitamin supplements and certain plants.

Do repellents really help us avoid mosquitoes?


Conventional mosquito repellents present many problems.  They include ingredients that are insecticides such as DEET or permetrina as principal components which can cause the following issues:

  • Some studies claim that these components can be harmful to the health by affecting the central nervous system.
  • There are people who still suffer from mosquito bites even when using these products.
  • The conventional repellents seem to become less and less effective. This occurs because the mosquitoes may be able to develop an immunity to them.

In this article we are going to offer natural alternatives that are simple and effective to help you avoid mosquitoes without causing any health risk.


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  1. Essential oils

    These oils are always an excellent way of preventing every type of health problem in a natural way which is pleasant and safe.

In this case we have selected three oils that help us avoid mosquitoes effectively.

  • Citronella
  • Germanium
  • Blue eucalyptus

How are they used?

  • Mix the oil with some vegetable oil (almond, coconut, jojoba) or with some moisturizing cream, for later use on the skin.
  • Put the mixture in an aroma diffuser to avoid mosquitoes in a particular place.
  • Put a few drops of the oil on something you are wearing.
  • Combine the oil with water and make a spray that you can put on yourself.  Shake the mixture well before using so that the oil and water mix.  When the aroma disappears, spray your self again.

       Always use pure and certified oil. Do not use oils that are not for therapeutic purposes.

2. The marigold plant


To avoid mosquitoes near a house, yard, or office, plant marigolds in the area.

Besides having many health advantages, this beautiful orange flower is a mosquito repellent.

Plant these flowers by windows or form a wall of them to prevent mosquitoes from coming near.

It’s interesting that marigold is the base for a number of uses (creams, tinctures, and gels) which help to soothe irritations caused by mosquito bites.


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3. Wearing light-colored clothing

It’s obvious that the more we cover ourselves the more we will avoid mosquitos, even though we know that mosquitoes are able to attack through the cloth.

However, what is not often known is that the color has something to do with it.

Dark colors attract mosquitoes because they trap carbon dioxide from our bodies.  Light-colored clothing tends to keep mosquitoes away just like they keep bees away.

4.  If you have already been bitten… draw a cross!

The mosquito has bitten us and we can see the inflammation on our skin.  We have a remedy for you that comes from grandparents, without a scientific base, but has a surprising effect.

With the fingernail, draw an “X” on the bite, pressing to leave a mark on the skin.  

We don’t have to scratch ourselves, but just make the two lines and presto,  just like magic, the mosquito bite will disappear.  In a few hours you will not see the bite and there will be no scratch mark.