4 Curious Things Your Spouse Knows Before You Do

There may be certain changes in your body that you don't see but that your spouse picks up on right away. Don't write off his observations; listen to him.
4 Curious Things Your Spouse Knows Before You Do

Last update: 22 March, 2019

Married life isn’t just sharing laughs and adventures and maybe some arguments. There is so much you can learn about your spouse when you live with her.

You start to notice the little lines on her forehead when she’s not happy. You’ve also seen how her cheeks get rosy when she is surprised. You know exactly where to touch her to make her smile, and most importantly, you know every part of her body.

You should take care of each other and get to know each other intimately. However, this shouldn’t always be with the lights off.

There should be times when the lights stay on so your spouse can check every bit of your skin. He may spot a funny-looking, concerning mole that didn’t used to be there.

Here are some warnings that your spouse able to give you about your own health:

1. You have an odd-looking mole on your back

spouse mole

Living together day after day means you can see any little change in your spouse’s skin. The same goes for you. Since you can’t see your own back, you may not notice a new spot or strange-looking bump, but your spouse can.

This is the best way to look for changes in your skin.

Our significant others have a special skill for examining your skin. They see everything. If you burn your finger cooking, even if you try to hide it, they’ll find a way to work in a, “By the way, what happened to your finger?”

This happens with married couples, but on an even more intimate level. For example, you may have a spot on your inner thigh and won’t know it until your spouse tells you. You could even have a mole in your genital area.

Your back is another area where you can’t see much and that could be hiding a mole or other worrying spot.

2. Your spouse sees a lump or bump that wasn’t there before

Men love playing with your breasts. All boyfriends and husbands want to get up close and personal here. So this exercise shouldn’t be hard. It can be very helpful to hear, “Hey, there’s a lump here that didn’t use to be there.”

You don’t have to be married to learn something like that. A doctor can give you a breast exam and you can do it yourself after showering.

When your partner or doctor touches your breasts, they can actually be helping detect breast cancer early. It’s a shared responsibility.

Oncologists report that many patients have come to them after their husbands felt a lump in their breast.

This exercise can work for men, too. You can also help detect any odd masses in his testicles. The earlier the detection, the better the prognosis.

Small masses and little things like that on your own body are easily dismissed, but your partner will surely let you know if it’s not OK.

3. Bad snoring


Snoring isn’t as normal as people think. When a partner snores, there’s always someone on the other side of the bed that’s not getting any sleep.

If your spouse snores, he may have sleep apnea. This condition can increase his risk of other medical problems such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

When your spouse snores, you should see it as a warning signal, since he could stop breathing. Instead of getting mad, talk to him.

If the problem persists, it may be time to see a doctor to find out what’s going on.

4. Your spouse says you have hearing problems

Maybe your spouse has realized that lately he’s been having to repeat things with you or talk louder. He’s gradually picked up on signs until finally coming to the conclusion that you are losing your hearing and you don’t even realize it.

You keep turning up the volume and now your neighbors know exactly when you’re watching your favorite show. Listen to your spouse and, if necessary, go see an ENT specialist.

The doctor will tell you if it’s a simple fix (maybe built up earwax) or something more serious (real hearing loss), and what possible treatments there are.

Pay attention to changes in your spouse’s health

Your spouse is able to see if something’s not right with your health and warn you. Don’t dismiss his observations; figure out what’s going on. Remember that it’s never a bad idea to get checked out.

It goes both way. Pay attention to changes in his health, too. It’s true that four eyes are better than two and sometimes you don’t notice something until he mentions it.

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