4 Sexual Health Products

Do you know about the necessary sexual health products? Today, you’ll discover those that you should always have on hand.
4 Sexual Health Products

Last update: 02 July, 2020

Sexual health products are more than necessary. However, you may not be paying them the attention they deserve. This is why, throughout this article, we’re going to share some sexual health products we believe are essential, meaning you should always have them on hand.

Enjoying a healthy and responsible sexuality is something that, at times, you probably don’t pay enough attention to. However, this usually has certain health consequences. Below, we’re going to share the sexual health products you should always keep in mind.

Sexual health products

1. Barrier contraceptive methods

A woman holding a condom behind her back.
The condom is the main contraceptive method that also prevents sexually transmitted infections.

One of the first sexual health products is contraceptive methods. However, you must address this more extensively, as it’s not just about avoiding unwanted pregnancies. It’s actually something much more important: avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.

As the article Sexually transmitted infections: epidemiology and control states, sexually transmitted diseases and infections have been on an upward trend in recent years instead of the opposite. Despite the fact that we have more and more effective measures to control them.

  • Condoms. They’re one of the best options to avoid the spread of gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, and human papillomavirus, among other diseases and infections. In fact, you should even use them when you practice oral sex.

2. Ben Wa balls

People sometimes confuse this sexual health product with a sex toy. However, its role is to strengthen the pelvic floor. In addition, you can enhance this if you do Kegel exercises while they’re inserted into your vagina.

Strengthening your pelvic floor will not only help you prevent urine loss but also enjoy sex a lot more. We recommend choosing lightweight ones when you start and then opting for heavier ones. Also, it’s best to use them five minutes a day than one hour a week.

  • Although you can do Kegel exercises when you’re wearing Ben Wa balls, if you don’t have time for it or don’t want to do them, we recommend you to move around. Ben Wa balls act with movement. Thus, doing Kegel exercises or walking around in them are good options.

3. Lubricants

A lubricant for sex.
External lubrication is an amazing sexual product, as it facilitates penetration and stimulates sex.

Another amazing sexual health product is lubricant. In fact, even if you think that you lubricate very well, sometimes, this type of gel is quite necessary. For example, if there’s no time for foreplay, you may not have time to lubricate and this product can come in handy.

Also, to practice anal sex, an area that doesn’t lubricate on its own, lubricants may be necessary. We always recommend going for water-based lube. What does this mean? They’re more natural than silicone ones and are compatible with condoms, preventing them from becoming damaged and breaking.

4. Other sexual health products: Sex toy cleaner

The last of the sexual health products are cleaners intended to clean sex toys. After each use, you must clean your sex toys with a suitable product that sanitizes and doesn’t damage them.

You can find spray or foam cleaners. In addition to this, we recommend that you never share your sex toys and that, if you do, use a suitable protective method, such as a condom.

Have you ever used the products we talked about above? We hope this article allowed you to become more aware of the importance of caring for your sexual health, especially regarding the prevention of STDs.

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