4 Reasons and Situations When We Should Not Have Sex

· November 14, 2016
When sex becomes a compulsive activity, pleasure is lost and it may mean a problem

Sex is a lot of fun and helps us feel better about ourselves. That is why suppressing desire or not allowing ourselves to enjoy it is absurd.

However, despite how many times we have repeated how positive it is, it is also true that everything has a negative side and sex is not an exception.

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1. When Someone Has an Affair


Whether you are the one being unfaithful or you have been betrayed, if you consider infidelity as something negative for a couple, you should not go through with it.

Your self esteem will be undermined, you will be sad and you will feel very bad about the other person. Additionally, if you are tolerating an affair without consenting it, the relationship will be filled with resentment and hate.

That is why it is important to lay down all the cards on the table. Perhaps you can talk about an open relationship or find a solution for it.

It is important to mention that the worst thing one can do is hide an affair. From day one, a couple has to be transparent.

There are people who are incapable of being monogamous, and instead of faking it, one should be honest.

2. To Get Affection

Have you ever been emotionally dependent? Did you have a difficult childhood, lacking in affection? People who have not had a stable family environment often have problems with relationships later in life.

It is not that you do not like sex, it is only that you perform it to get this affection that you need so much. It becomes a drug, an addiction that creates anxiety when you do not get it.

This type of situation develops emotional dependency, addiction and even the previously mentioned infidelity. Because when our partner no longer provides the affection we need, we seek it in other people.

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tied couple

In this case it is necessary to treat the root of the problem without feeding it with doses of sex that will make you feel empty just the same.

Additionally, a person who uses sex to get affection often falls into toxic relationships and does not love, only needs. This can cause much more damage, as the initial problem still exists.

3. You Are a Sex Addict

Like all addictions, if you are addicted to sex it is something negative that must be resolved. This is known as hypersexuality.

Hypersexual people cannot satisfy their need for sex. For this reason, they usually are promiscuous in their pursuit of this pleasure.

This compulsive need can bring immense feelings of guilt, sensations of emptiness, frustration and loss of self esteem.

The addict never enjoys it, because once something becomes a compulsive act, all pleasure is lost.

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4. To Avoid Problems

Have you ever heard that many couples argue while having sex? Many use this as a solution to their problems.

The big lie is that this does not get the desired result. The problems will continue hidden beneath a gratifying experience.

If sex comes to mind when having an argument or some difference with your partner, you need to get this out of your head.

It will have long term effects on the relationship, as the moment will arrive when this solution no longer performs its function.

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Have you ever used sex for any of the previously mentioned reasons? Although you may momentarily solve your problems, the consequences that come after will be worse.

It is important that we do not give in to the sexual impulse when we find ourselves in these situations.

Would you add any other reason?