Four Issues that May Affect Your Relationship and Drive You Apart

A lack of communication and not spending any alone time with your partner may end up damaging your relationship and even ending it.
Four Issues that May Affect Your Relationship and Drive You Apart

Last update: 23 November, 2018

Would you say that your relationship is healthy and truly successful? Before answering “Yes”, you should analyze some issues that may affect your relationship.

You’ll see that many of these things may seem unimportant. However, their effects may lead to endless arguments and meaningless fights that ultimately break you up.

Are you ready? Let’s delve into these issues and, more importantly, how to deal with them.

  1. You Avoid Talking About Things You Think are Irrelevant
    couple having a difficult conversation

One of the issues that may affect your relationship is silence. You can’t expect your partner to read your mind and magically find out what you expect from them.

Some people avoid talking about certain issues because they don’t know how to address them or because they play them down. What you should consider is that, if something is bothering you or making you harvest resentment of some kind, then it’s actually serious.

You shouldn’t fear that your partner may think you’re overreacting. Thinking this these are assumed only complicates your communication.

The best thing to do is sit down and talk openly about what’s bothering you or what you expect. A common example of this is household chores.

Many women simply do all the chores and complain, expecting their partner to simply understand that they need help.

Instead of saying you’ve tired next time, just ask him to help you. First of all, avoid saying things like: “Do it if you want” or “if you have time”.

It’s better to let him know exactly what you expect. For example, “Please help me wash the dishes while I wash the windows”.

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  1. Choosing to Spend More Time With Your Friends or Family Than With Your Partner

Another issue that may be affecting your relationship is the lack of a conjugal life.

It’s very normal for you to occasionally want to spend more time with your friends or family, but you should always set aside some couple alone time.

Sometimes this becomes more difficult after having kids. Suddenly, the new priorities are taking care of the children, keeping the house clean, and resting when there’s time.

We’re not telling you to ditch these responsibilities, because they’re all very important, but you should always set aside some alone time. Even if it’s only a few minutes, make sure you enjoy some couple time.

Choose a meaningful activity and set aside some time for it. Does nothing come to mind? Here are a few ideas of things you can do together:

  • Have breakfast together every day.
  • Go to the movies once a week.
  • Watch an episode of your favorite show together.
  • Go for a walk every night and talk about your day.

In the end, it’s not about spending all day together but finding significant moments that make you closer as a couple.

  1. Personal and Couple’s Finances
    couple arguing

Another issue that may affect your relationship is the way you manage your money. There are couples who simply choose to avoid this issue because they always end up arguing.

Does this happen to you?

It may seem that personal finances have nothing to do with your relationship. However, it’s a key aspect and you shouldn’t overlook it.

Begin by analyzing why you don’t talk about this issue:

  • Your partner has bad financial habits,
  • One of you has debts and financial problems,
  • The household finances depend entirely or mostly on one of you.

It’s possible that when you started living together you laid down a few financial rules. However, you mustn’t think that your financial situation may never change.

Talk with your partner and find options to improve your economic situation.

For example, if you receive monthly credit card bills with expenses that you simply can’t pay off, it’s time to start organizing a family budget.

It’s true that you may have trouble organizing yourselves and determining your expenses in the beginning. However, you’ll succeed after some negotiations.

Above all, remember that you’re together because you love each other and that money is just another factor in the relationship, not the most important one.

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  1. Work
    coworkers talking

This is the last issue that may affect your relationship. If you don’t believe it, ask yourself:

  • How many hours do you spend working?
  • Do you often skip family activities due to work commitments?
  • Does it seem more acceptable to leave your family on a Saturday to complete a work task?

We know that work is important to a family because it helps you have a better quality of life. However, if you make work your priority, your relationship will end up broken and badly damaged.

Although it’s not always easy, it’s important to learn how to manage your time and make your partner your #1 priority.

Which of these issues is affecting your relationship? What’re you going to do to change the situation?

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