4 Ideas to Make Your Old Clothes Look Brand New

26 October, 2018

Take the clothes you no longer use and learn how to completely change the way they look in a few simple steps with few materials. They’ll look brand new in no time!

Renewing the clothes you no longer use and wearing them again is a great idea. You can make amazing garments if you put your imagination and creativity to the test.

Designer clothes are usually quite expensive, so we decided to share some tips so you can transform those garments that are no longer fashionable into modern and hip designs. The best part of all is that they’ll be handmade, thus giving them a sentimental touch.

Ideas to make your old clothes look new again

  1. Transform an old T-shirt

If you want to change a plain T-shirt, this idea is perfect. T-shirts with a plush pocket and colored stones are all the rage right now. Below, we’ll show you how to make one with your own hands:


  • Plain T-shirt
  • Plush fabric of a different color (12 cm by 12 cm)
  • Colored stones
  • Glue
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread

What to do

  • First, sew the pocket’s hem. Take 2 cm on each side.
  • Then, sew the pocket on the top left edge of the T-shirt with a sewing machine or by hand.
  • After that, separate the plush hairs and apply glue.
  • Put colored stones on top and press down.
    old shirts

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  1. Make garments a different color

This idea is perfect if you have stained or faded shirts or white or light-colored T-shirts that bore you.


  • White or light-colored T-shirt (1)
  • Fabric paint
  • Gloves
  • String to tie (2 m)
  • Salt (1 tablespoon)
  • Boiling water (2 L)
  • Large container

What to do

  • To begin, make knots all over the T-shirt and tie them with the string.
  • Then, take the large container and pour the boiling water.
  • Add the salt to the water.
  • Then, pour the dye in the water and stir (always with gloves).
  • Soak the T-shirt in the container.
  • Leave in the container for 1 hour.
  • Then, take it out and let dry for 24 hours.
  • Finally, once dry, remove the string.
  1. Renew old jeans

Jeans last for many years and are used both in summer and winter. They’re simple and you can mix-and-match them with all kinds of clothes and shoes. The best part of all is that using ripped and faded jeans is all the rage nowadays. Therefore, you can completely change them however you like.

  • If your jeans are plain and bore you, you can bleach them. Simply put bleach and water (in equal amounts) in a spray bottle and spray your jeans. They’ll look amazing once they dry.
  • You can place colored stones around the pockets with the help of fabric glue.
  • You can also iron or glue patches on them.
  • In addition, you can rip out the knees. Use a pair of scissors to cut and then rip the fabric.
    old jeans
  1. Change a shirt

If you have a shirt that you’ve worn a lot that you want to change up, you can add something on the front and cuffs and make it look brand new. To do this, you can apply ribbons of different shapes and colors.

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  • Shirt (1)
  • Fabric glue or needle and thread
  • Decorative ribbon (1 meter)
  • Scissors

What to do

  • First, measure the shirt and cut enough ribbon.
  • Then, glue or sew along the buttonholes.
  • Cut enough ribbon for the cuffs.
  • Finally, sew or glue on the cuffs.

Don’t hesitate to try these ideas out and make your old clothes look brand new. You’ll surprise everyone with your new wardrobe!