Four Ideas for Transforming an Ordinary Wall into a Vertical Garden

If you love greenery and nature but you don't want any more house plants, get some inspiration with these vertical gardens: they're true works of art!
Four Ideas for Transforming an Ordinary Wall into a Vertical Garden

Last update: 15 March, 2019

A vertical garden can give your home a lovely personal touch. After all, you don’t have to limit plants to your yard or garden; you can also enjoy direct contact with nature in your living room or kitchen.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to greenery and nature. There’s always a perfect little nook to put a potted plant or planter of herbs. Plants add life to your home.

Today, we want to give you some ideas for creating your own vertical garden in any wall of your home. With a bit of creativity, it will look great.

Here’s how to do it easily and safely.

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Transforming an ordinary wall into a vertical garden: it’s easy!

If you’re tired of house plants or just enjoying garden from a distance, learn how to make a vertical garden for your home.

You can even use everyday things you have around the house, like wooden crates, plastic bottles, or glass jars. They’re easy to find, inexpensive, and capable of being transformed into the base of your vertical garden.

A vertical garden.

A vertical garden for your kitchen

One of the most practical places to create a vertical garden is in the kitchen, any place you have a little corner or nook big enough for a few plants.

You can even plant herbs or small fruit trees in them. Do you like lettuce? The only limit is your imagination.

You can make the containers out of recycled materials or just buy potted plants ready to go and mount them on the wall.

A vertical garden for the facade of your house

You can actually use the exterior walls of your house to make a vertical garden. When you choose the plants, think about how much wind and sun they’ll get.

Also think about what materials to use, because you don’t want water to seep inside because of the garden. One way to prevent seepage is to use wooden pots or aluminum cans and cover them with a waterproof tarp-like material.

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A vertical garden for an interior wall

If you want to give a special, colorful touch to a wall in your home, we suggest a vertical garden in the living room.

One great thing about a vertical garden is that it adds dimension and depth, in addition to fun and beauty. Plus, you’ll be improving the air quality without having to move pots around every time you clean the house.

Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and are able to absorb harmful contaminants like formaldehyde, which is used to dye rugs and is found in flooring resin.

You could also use a vertical garden as a room divider. If you have half-height walls or a column in your home, you could cover it in plants to visually separate the space.

Try using a wooden ladder; if you lean it against the wall and place plants on the steps, you won’t have to make any holes in the wall.

It’s super easy!

A vertical garden and a couch.

Why you need plants

Greenery has a very positive effect on human beings. Plants, bushes, and trees of all types calm us down and do more good for us than we’re aware of. It’s been shown that they’re good for our mind and body.

We work hard all day and need to rest at night, disconnect, and recover our energy.

You can fight mental fatigue if your home is set up to do so. It’s not just your bedroom that matters; your home office or study matters, too.

Make a vertical garden in whatever room of the house you spend the most time in. You’ll see the best results for the least amount of work. You’ll notice your productivity increasing, and your space will look amazing.

When you make your garden vertical, you won’t have to spend as much time taking care of it. Insects will also have a harder time getting to the flowers, roots, and soil.

As you can see, there are no limits when it comes to adding greenery to your home. Hopefully you got some inspiration today to create your own vertical garden. Now you have no excuses! Transform an ordinary wall into a work of art.

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