4 High-calorie Beverages You Should Avoid

· January 6, 2015

As we all know, we consume a lot of products daily that are not at all healthy. In fact, they could cause serious health damage.  In this regard, calories are one of the harmful elements that we should be worried about.  That’s why, below, we are going to show you why you should: Be careful!  These are high-calories beverages you should avoid.

Calories cause a series of serious problems.  The most well-known is obesity, which has become one of the most important public health problems around the world.  Likewise, these calories can unleash illnesses like diabetes, or  severe cardiovascular problems.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are undoubtedly the most harmful drinks you could consume.  This is because they contain a large amount of sugar and calories, which could cause obesity problems and could even foster diabetes.  Therefore, it’s always best to moderate your consumption of these drinks, or choose low-calorie drinks.

Alcoholic Beverages

Drinking too much alcohol could also cause serious health damage.  As we all know, when we drink alcohol, our bodies go through a chemical process in which the alcohol is transformed into sugar.  Therefore, alcoholic beverages generally contain a lot of calories that, among other things, could cause obesity.  We also frequently mix alcohol with some type of soft drink, making it twice as harmful.

Consuming these beverages in moderation, however, does have its benefits, especially regarding beer and wine.  But of course, don’t go overboard.  If you drink alcohol mixed with some sort of soft drink, a good recommendation would be to drink a glass of water between every drink.

Home brew beerJuices

Juices are usually healthy, but a lot of them contain large amounts of sugar, and therefore, calories.  That’s why you must be careful when buying these drinks, especially processed juices.

At any rate, it’s always best to make your own juices, and try not to add sugar.  If you must add sugar, use some sort of calorie-free or natural sweetener, like stevia.


Even though they are delicious, milkshakes usually contain high levels of sugar and calories.  In fact, if you prepare one with whole milk, it could be even worse.  It’s best to try not to consume this type of drink, or to do so in moderation.  You could even choose to make your own shake, with very little sugar or some other type of sweetener.

MilkShakesCoffee Shop Drinks

In recent years a considerably wider variety of beverages have been sold in coffee shops.  Not only can you find a simple coffee, but they also carry drinks that are high in sugar and calories.  For example, some of these drinks have whipped cream on top, cookies, or some other type of sweet treat.  Obviously, drinking them regularly is harmful to your health.