Four Healthy Activities That Will Help You Discover How Wonderful it is to Live

Learning to connect with yourself through mindfulness or helping others can help you discover the positive side of life and how wonderful it is to live.
Four Healthy Activities That Will Help You Discover How Wonderful it is to Live

Last update: 28 September, 2018

We often forget how wonderful it is to live. After all, we tend to get stuck in a rut and live each day on autopilot. So when the weekend comes, we become aware of a bittersweet emptiness that makes us very sad. In this article, we’ll tell you four healthy activities you can do to enjoy life.

As we grow older, we gradually disconnect from all the things we enjoyed as kids. The things that used to surprise us, like a rainbow, don’t anymore. We don’t even care about them at all.

Perhaps this happens because being surprised at a certain age means we’ll hear these kinds of things from others: “I don’t know why you’re surprised if you’ve seen them a hundred times” or “You’re acting like a little kid.

These phrases bring us down and lead us to cut out attitudes, and sometimes activities, that make us feel alive.

Today, let’s leave all that aside and discover once again how wonderful it is to live through four healthy activities.


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  1. Fill your life with colors
    an adult coloring

Yes, we mean this literally.

Do you remember the last time you drew or colored something?

Fortunately, coloring mandalas is really popular nowadays. However, there are many other kinds of drawings.

If you go to your nearest book store, you’re likely to find coloring books for adults. This is no longer a hobby for kids. And we totally get why.

Coloring, drawing, painting… They have enormous benefits, like reducing stress. In addition, this activity conveys joy and peace.

It connects us with our past “little me” who knew how wonderful it is to live.

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  1. Reconnect with nature
    Healthy Activities

Many people tend to enjoy what they have closest to them. This may include going to the movies, going to dinner with friends, taking a walk in the park…

But when was the last time you connected with nature?

There are many activities you can do to connect with nature. We’ll explain them below. Especially if you live in the city, these activities will allow you to discover how wonderful it is to live again.

Here they are:

  • Go for a walk.
  • Ride your bike.
  • Go horseback riding.
  • Go canoeing or kayaking.
  • Help plant trees.

There are many options that can make you forget your busy city life for a while and allow you to connect with tranquility, silence, and nature.

What nature-related activities do you like to do?

  1. Practice mindfulness
    man practicing mindfulness

Unfortunately, our modern way of life not only disconnects us from life itself, but also from ourselves.

To discover how wonderful it is to live, we need to give ourselves the opportunity to find ourselves again.

That’s what mindfulness is for.

There are several ways to practice mindfulness. You can take advantage of the fact that you’re in nature to feel the air on your skin and really feel your feet on the ground while you walk or stop and focus on the present moment.

The feeling is spectacular.

Mindfulness not only helps you connect with yourself and your surroundings, but it also opens up your senses. This allows you to see everything in a different way and appreciate it when you didn’t really pay attention before.

Practicing mindfulness regularly can change your life.


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  1. Help those in need

We’re not referring to just giving money to others, but also doing other things.

For example, if there’s an animal shelter in your city, you can go and lend them a hand to clean up and spend some time with the animals. If there’s a soup kitchen in your city, offer to help serve food to the needy.

These actions will help you discover how wonderful it is to live, since generosity and helping others makes people feel useful.

In addition, when you selflessly help others, you feel a pleasant feeling in your entire body. You can learn a lot from these actions and meet wonderful people.

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Dare to Make Your Life Amazing

To discover how wonderful it is to live, you have to get out of your comfort zone and do things you don’t normally do.

There are people who tend to live this way. Are you going to give these activities a try to rediscover how wonderful it is to live?

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