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3 Ways to Work Productively from Home

Is it possible to work productively and healthily from home? It really is the same as any other work. However, you have to consider the pros and cons.
3 Ways to Work Productively from Home

Last update: 09 June, 2020

The reasons why we may choose to work from home vary from person to person. It may be because there are fewer opportunities on the market or perhaps it’s that we need to adapt work to current times or the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Whatever the case, these ideas, tips and strategies will be beneficial.

The advantages and disadvantages of working from home

working all night
Before starting up a business from home, you need to weigh up the pro’s and con’s so that you determine how to adapt it to your needs.

There’s a huge range of possibilities to help you work productively and healthily from home. On the one hand, you can choose to sell homemade objects, utensils, clothing, etc. Among other ideas, it’s possible to resort to various tasks such as caring for people or giving private lessons. As if that were not enough, the possibilities multiply if you think about online services and businesses.

Making the decision to generate income from home is an interesting responsibility and a challenge that has its pros and cons. Many people already work from home. There are also some people that work from home some days.

Either way, looking at the advantages and disadvantages can help to anticipate problems and enjoy solutions:

The advantages of working from home

  • You’ll avoid traffic, help prevent pollution and transport costs (as well as the time it takes you to get there).
  • You can spend more time with family.
  • You’ll be able to work to your own hours.
  • You can save money and cut other costs.
  • You’ll be able to prepare your meals right from home.
  • You can take breaks when you’ll like and even incorporate an exercise routine into your schedule.
  • If you have the house to yourself, you may be able to concentrate better than in a busy office. This is great for introverts. 

The disadvantages of working from home

  • You may lose your privacy if someone else is at home.
  • People may think you’re on permanent vacation.
  • You’ll ideally need a separate work environment, space, study, etc.
  • There is a tendency to overwork (self-discipline helps with stress).
  • You may lose touch with the outside world, even if you’re online a lot.
  • It’s possible to miss out on some common company benefits.

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Finding a productive and healthy working style

In order to balance out the advantages and disadvantages, the first thing you need to do is find your perfect working style. First of all, you need to decide if you want to offer your own brand or product or look for a company that allows you to work from home. Additionally, remember that the type of work can be virtual, a craft or a service. Each person has their own unique selling point.

Below is a list of different options for working from home, so you’ll easily be able to find one, if not more, options for starting tomorrow.

3 ideas for working productively and healthily from home

1. Remote work

work from home
You could create an online business on various topics such as purchasing products.

Remote jobs are those that are made for third parties through online communication. Payments are made through a bank account or Paypal-type payment platforms. Overall, this type of work doesn’t imply that there are no contracts and labour benefits. However, the benefits aren’t that common yet.

If freelance work isn’t regulated, which is very common, there typically are no health insurance, nor paid vacations, nor wages according to what is established in the agreements. However, this can be a temporary incentive for the unemployment crisis.

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2. Become an entrepreneur

work from home
You can create your own company.

Next, becoming an entrepreneur is a much bigger challenge. However, it could undoubtedly be very beneficial. If you have the perfect product and can advertise well, you may even be able to compete with larger companies. These companies not only own what they sell, they also produce the raw materials they need for their products and favour the tax discounts offered by countries.

To do this, your business needs to be original. Also, you must know exactly what your product and who your target audience is. Overall, it’s important to be clear about the unique selling point of your product or service. Then, joining the market will be much easier.

3. Offering third-party services

Finally, for those who can offer lessons, courses, or care services without needing a physical space, this option is more than viable. Many teachers decide to take a break from the institutional teaching and dedicate themselves to giving private lessons.

Among other occupations, working with children in the home is also often a viable resource, as long as safety and hygiene conditions are in place.

Overall, working from home can be an option for many. In fact, leaving the traditional labour market, creating a productive and healthy job and being your own boss can be a very pleasant lifestyle.

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