3 Spectacular Ways to Apply Eyeliner

· August 7, 2016

According to the occasion and the look you’re going for, you can choose one way or another to apply eyeliner.  The important part is that you always use waterproof products to prevent runs.

The art of applying eyeliner to your eyes requires a steady hand, a bit of imagination and a high dose of wanting to look attractive and perfect.  Thanks to liquid eyeliner, or eyeliner pencils, you can get great results.

Even though it seems somewhat complicated, getting a perfect line is easier than it seems.

That’s why today, we’d like to share 3 easy and quick ways to apply eyeliner and look spectacular.

1. Use a pin up style to outline your eyes

eyeliner pinup

The pin up style was very popular in the 40’s and 50’s.  It is elegant, sensual and so original that it’ll never go out of style.

Anytime is a good time to use the pin up look.  All you need for it is first, a good makeup foundation to create a clear, blemish-free face.  With this, your eyes will carry your seal of identity.

How to create a pin up eyeliner look

First you’ll need to use a good concealer for the dark circles under your eyes.  Your concealers should be appropriate for the color of your blemishes.

  • Once you’ve applied concealer to the bags under your eyes, move along to your eyelids.  Start by applying a primer.  This should help shading stick, and it will also correct any possible tiny wrinkles or imperfections.
  • Then apply eye shadow.  For the pin up style, you’ll need to use nude or beige tones.  Make sure to soften any lines.
  • Next you’re going to apply the eyeliner.  Use liquid or gel eyeliner for this, and if possible, try to get waterproof so it lasts longer.
  • To achieve this look, you’ll need black eyeliner to create expressive eyes.
  • The key is to draw a defined line above your upper eyelashes.  Then, add a “feline” touch by simply drawing out the end of the eyeliner upwards, once you’ve reached the corner of your eye.
  • Once you’re ready, all you need to do is apply a beige color around your tear ducts to create a softer look, and to make your eyes look brighter.  Just sensational!

2. The Greek style

put eyeliner on your eyes

Outlining your eyes with a Greek style is a great option for party nights when you want to sport a delicate, sophisticated look.  Balance and daring go hand in hand here.

How to create a Greek eyeliner look

In this case, we suggest following the same steps you took for creating the pin up look.  The only difference here is that in the lower eyelid, you’ll apply black eyeliner, along with a silver or white shine on top.

  • Use the black eyeliner to outline the corner of your eye, but only go half way.  This will polish up your look even more.
  • Add a touch of sophistication by using the silver pencil.  Using this color will create bigger, more provocative eyes.  Apply only around the tear ducts, moving upwards a bit into the area just above your eye.
  • Use good mascara and enjoy this spectacular look.

3. Colored eyeliner

colored eyeliner

Original, fresh, fun and easy.  This is a very summery, young look.  You can use it whenever you like.  Just keep these tips in mind.

How to use colored eyeliner

First off, you’ll need a good concealer and nude eye shadow to get rid of any kinds of blemishes and dull patches.  You’re looking for a bright and natural color where the particular color you use stands out.

  • Your makeup is going to focus exclusively on your eyelashes.  For this, use two eyeliners.
  • Your first eyeliner will be black.  Draw a thin and delicate line from your tear duct to the corner of your eye.  You don’t need to finish with the pin up style.  The purpose here is to let the colored eyeliner stand out more.
  • Then continue by applying your second eyeliner, just above the black line.  Your color should go well with the color of your eyes.  Let’s take a look at what kinds of combinations work well:
  • Blue eyes: blue or golden eyeliner
  • Green eyes: green or purple eyeliner
  • Dark brown eyes: Blue, green, silver or pink eyeliner
  • Brown eyes: brown, green or golden eyeliner
  • Gray eyes: golden, green, blue or pink eyeliner.

Always try to use quality, waterproof eyeliner: this will prevent any runs. It also stops it from looking worn.

As you can see, these are 3 simple options that are attractive.  They will undoubtedly highlight your beauty at any time, day or night.