3 Routines to Tone Your Arms

27 January, 2020
Leading an active lifestyle and maintaining a balanced diet will help you reduce fat and tone your arms.

Abandoning your sedentary lifestyle and becoming more active is essential for good health. When it comes to slimming (or rather, toning) the arms, it’s important to incorporate certain exercises into your daily routine. In doing so, you can reduce any unwanted “flab” and slowly improve the appearance of your arms.

Remember, as well as doing physical exercise on a daily basis, you’ll also need to maintain other healthy lifestyle habits. Talk to your doctor for further information and advice.

How to tone your arms

Fat that is flabby, especially in the area of ​​the triceps, can become a real aesthetic issue for some people. But did you know that there are ways to tone your arms?

1. Watch your diet

healthy diet

You need a balanced diet made up of high quality ingredients with real nutritional value. This kind of diet will slowly allow you to reduce your intake of saturated fats, fried, processed or sugary foods, as well as refined sugars, all of which can put your health at risk.

In order to maintain a balanced diet, it’s important to consume a little of everything – in the right quantities, and in moderation.

Forget fad “miracle” diets. All these will do is make you lose fluids and muscle mass, rather than fat. Talk to a dietitian to discuss the best diet for you.

A doctor will probably recommend reducing your food portions, and eating 5 times a day (3 main meals and 2 snacks).

Losing weight often means making some simple changes to your everyday habits, such as swopping whole fat milk for skim milk, or changing your usual meals for low-fat options in order to reduce your cholesterol levels.

2. Get moving


Before you start working on your triceps and biceps, it’s extremely important that you work on your body as a whole. So, start walking, jogging or running for at least 30 – 40 minutes a day to get yourself in shape.

Remember, in order to eliminate fat from one particular area, you’ll need to maintain an active lifestyle that will allow you to lose weight (and later, one that will allow you to maintain a healthy weight, as indicated by your BMI).

3. Burn more energy

Burning more energy will allow your body to burn more calories and reduce fat quickly.

  • The best thing to do is go for a walk 20 or 30 minutes per day. This will activate your metabolism and, together with a good diet, give faster and more efficient results.

Before subjecting your body to any training, it’s best to get a general medical check-up. That way, you can carry out your exercise regime safely.

Routines to tone your arms

routines to tone your arms

When it comes to toning your arms, the best option is to use weight, either dumbbells or weights, which allow you to exercise your muscles. However, it’s also possible to do exercises without weights.

In this next section, we’ll show you 4 exercises to tone your arms which you can incorporate into your daily exercise routine, or do them on independently, alongside a balanced diet.

1. Biceps

Strengthening the biceps is the most important and also one of the simplest exercises.

  • Fill two water bottles, preferably ½ liter or 1 liter ones.
  • Grab one in each hand and position them with your elbow bent towards you.
  • Extend your arms until the elbow forms a 90 ° angle.
  • Do about 4 repetitions of this movement, repeating it 15 times.

2. Triceps

This is very similar to the bicep exercise, with the difference being that, in this case, you will lift upwards.

  • Hold two ½ liter or 1 liter bottles, one in each hand, and raise your arms above your head.
  • Lower them backwards, bending at the elbow.
  • Extend the arm again and repeat the movement about 15 times.

3. Combination of abdomen and arms

This exercise will allow you to exercise your shoulders along with your back and abdomen.

  • Join your elbows at chin height and then join your hands, with your palms facing up.
  • Sit upright.
  • Lift the elbows until you reach the level of the forehead without separating them. Repeat the movement about 20 times.


Now you have the tricks to start toning your arms, try them out and use them to get closer to your goal.

Remember, if you have any doubts about your exercise routine, you can always consult with a professional trainer.