3 Homemade Smoothies That Are Good For Water Retention

3 Homemade Smoothies That Are Good For Water Retention

Last update: 18 May, 2020

Fruits rich in water, such as pineapple, melon, watermelon, papaya, among others, are the best ingredients to use in homemade smoothies that are good for water retention.

The first thing you should know is that the body is mostly composed of water. Therefore, it’s important for the body to get rid of stored liquids on a regular basis. In this article, you will learn about 3 homemade smoothies that are good for water retention. Be healthy and five them a try yourself!

Water retention can be very serious if it isn’t treated properly. So, the first thing you must do is see a specialist doctor to determine what your condition is and how it should be treated. However, there are always ways to improve your lifestyle, including your eating habits.

It is good for you to consume foods and drinks that help eliminate toxins and purify the body properly. So, it’s important to take your diet into consideration if you think you might have water retention. To begin with, you can increase your consumption of water-rich fruits.

Now, in order to prepare homemade smoothies that are good for water retention, all you have to do is be willing to try new foods, new combinations of flavors, and most importantly go beyond the color and appearance of different foods. So, go ahead and make some tasty flavors that are nutritious for your body.

Homemade smoothies that are good for water retention

1. Homemade papaya and pineapple smoothie

Homemade papaya and pineapple smoothie

Remember, these homemade smoothies speed up the natural process that causes fluids to leave the body. In other words, they function as diuretics. These drinks make you go to the bathroom more often and won’t let your body retain more water than necessary.

So, they are very useful for preventing common infectious diseases caused by high levels of sodium (don’t forget that water retention is caused by sodium). These smoothies contain high amounts ​​of vitamins, proteins and minerals.


  • 3 slices of pineapple (125 g).
  • 2 cups of water (220 ml).
  • 4 slices of papaya (200 g).
  • 1 tablespoon of flax seeds (optional) (25 g).


  • Start by removing all the papaya seeds, cut the slices into pieces and then place them in a blender with the pineapple slices, flax seeds and water.
  • Make sure to blend everything for 1 minute.
  • You will notice the mixture thickening, but don’t strain it. Just drink it as it is.

2. Pineapple and green tea smoothie

As you can see, almost all homemade smoothies that are good for water retention contain “pineapple” as a key ingredient. In this case, the green tea maximizes its properties and eliminates excess water from the body.

In particular, the enzyme that makes this possible is known as “bromelain”, which has a diuretic effect on the body and also has anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. So, here are the steps for you to learn how to make this smoothie on your own.


  • 6 whole strawberries (40 g).
  • 3 pineapple slices (100 g).
  • 1 tablespoon flax seed (25 g).
  • 1 cup of prepared green tea (110 mL).


  • It’s so simple! All you have to do is blend all the ingredients for 1 minute at medium speed.
  • Finally, serve in a glass, add some ice (if you prefer) and it’s ready.

3. Homemade watermelon smoothie

Homemade watermelon smoothie

Watermelon along with pineapple, is considered to be fruit with high diuretic effects. This isn’t because it’s a “miraculous” or “amazing” component, but mainly because it’s made of up to 75% water, which is good to help you urinate. Likewise, it’s really easy to make and you can consume it on a daily basis as much as you want. Even eating watermelon by itself is healthy.


  • 5 slices of watermelon (400 g).
  • 8 cups of water (900 mL).
  • 1 spoonful of sugar (25 g).


  • First, you’ll need a blender.
  • Since the watermelon slices are big, you will have to cut them up and put them in the blender.
  • Then add the spoonful of sugar and blend everything for 1 minute.
  • Finally, strain the mixture to remove the seeds and your smoothie is ready. Now you can enjoy your delicious drink.
  • If you want to try more homemade smoothies that are good for water retention, mix some of the aforementioned ingredients such as green tea.
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