3 Healthy Breakfasts that You Will Love

· March 5, 2015

Although everyone knows this, many people still don’t do it: breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and you should never forget to eat it. Although it is true that sometimes the rush and your obligations prevent you from being able to sit down calmly and eat the proper nutrients, you should make a little bit of an effort. How about you start with these simple healthy breakfasts today?

Your breakfasts should give you approximately 25% of the energy you need to take on the day. It is essential that you eat the proper nutrients to compensate for the whole night when you won’t be eating anything. A healthy, varied, and balanced diet in your meals in the morning will help you leave the house with more strength and in a better mood. You can also rectify the idea that in order to lose weight, it’s best to fast. On the contrary, you will definitely get to the middle of the day with a binge to compensate for the anxiety, and that is not healthy at all. Let’s take a look at some simple recipes for healthy breakfasts to make at one of the best moments of the day!

A Bowl of Cereal and Berries




  • Make a bowl or large cup. Put a handful of whole instant oatmeal. Then add half a cup of soy milk or water, however much you would like.
  • Then, start to add in the berries: cranberries, strawberries, raspberries… If you can’t find them or they are very expensive, you can add prunes or red apple.
  • Now add the nuts. For example, ten raisins and two crushed walnuts.
  • Eat it little by little and chew it well.


You will get a better than good amount of fiber and antioxidants with this kind of breakfast. Fruit is a great macronutrient, as healthy as it is tasty: oatmeal gives you carbohydrates. In regards to the nuts, they will give you excellent antioxidants like phenolics and resveratrol.

Whole Wheat Turkey and Avocado Sandwich




  • Another healthy and varied breakfast is this one. A turkey sandwich and a glass of natural orange juice.
  • First make the sandwich with whole grain bread always. Add a slice of cooked ham or turkey (both have less fats), a teaspoon of olive oil, and a few pieces of avocado. We can assure you that the mixture is delicious. You can also use chicken, if you prefer.
  • Don’t forget to make orange juice for this breakfast.


This sandwich’s whole grains will keep you satisfied for longer. It has vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Avocado also has a high content of vitamin E, which is good for reducing cholesterol and helps you better absorb all the nutrients from this breakfast, including the excellent antioxidants from orange juice. It is a very healthy option.

Fruit Salad, Toast with Honey, and White Tea




  • It may be excessive at first glance, but it is not. You will get an excellent amount of antioxidants and vitamins with this type of breakfast. Get a bowl that is not too big to put the pieces of fruit in.
  • small kiwi, apple, five grapes, and two strawberries would definitely be the best for this breakfast. As you can see, the key is in the variety and taking advantage of the benefits of these essential fruits.
  • Next, make the toast. It should be whole wheat and not very big. Put one or two teaspoons of honey on it.
  • Now make the white tea. This variety of tea is healthier than even green tea, which is why we recommend it. You can find it in natural stores. It is very valuable and will be very beneficial. Remember that after boiling it in a cup with water, let sit for only 5 minutes.


  • A very good option for your breakfastYou will benefit from healthier fruits, the ones that have the most antioxidants, and will take care of your health the most. Honey is an excellent antiseptic, healer, and strengthener for your immune system that you should not pass by. White tea is a more than amazing ally to protect you from free radicals because as we said before, it is even more powerful than green tea.

Images courtesy of Neus.