3 Broths to Detoxify Your Liver

· July 4, 2015

A healthy liver is a vital part of your overall health and well-being. Many factors can harm your liver, which is why we strongly recommend doing some kind of purifying treatment from time to time.

This time of year is great for taking a little extra time for yourself and your health, even paying a bit more attention to your weight. One of the first steps to taking better care of yourself should be ensuring that your liver is functioning properly; if it isn’t, it will be quite difficult for you to improve your quality of life and health.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can quickly, economically, and naturally eliminate harmful toxins and detoxify your liver by frequently consuming these easy-to-make vegetable broths. They’re great for your health and surprisingly delicious. Try them!

Why should you detoxify your liver?

We constantly hear people talking about how important it is to cleanse your liver of toxins, but why? This organ is a fundamental part of your health because it is responsible for getting rid of all the harmful substances in your body. However, your body may often be overloaded with toxins, causing your liver to become saturated.

What intoxicates the liver?

  • Poorly digested foods.
  • Foods rich in unhealthy fats.
  • Excess animal protein.
  • Food additives: preservatives, coloring agents, flavoring, etc.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco and any type of toxic habit.
  • Pollution.
  • Negative emotions.

As you can see, there are many factors that can damage your liver, so we highly recommend performing a purifying cleanse from time to time to help your liver function better.

The following broths are a good option that you can use every now and then.

Broth or puree?

Although this article addresses detoxifying your liver with broths, you can also process these vegetables and eat them as a puree, which will make them more satiating and allow you to incorporate them into your meals.

However, broths are advantageous because you can drink more of them throughout the day, thus creating a stronger purifying effect.

The idea here is that you would drink one liter of one of these broths every day for 15 days or a month. You could drink the same one every day, alternating between different ones or changing out some of the ingredients. The most effective way to drink these broths is on an empty stomach, half an hour before mealtime.

Don’t forget to add a bit of high quality olive oil and sea salt (instead of table salt) to your broth or puree. This will make it more flavorful and increase its healthy properties.

Artichoke, apple and lemon

Artichokes are one of the most well-known vegetables out there in terms of their ability to protect the liver. You can eat the vegetable itself or drink the broth from its leaves. For this particular broth, we’ll use both parts.

The bitter flavor of the artichoke will be balanced out by the sweetness of the apple. This fruit is also great for liver function, among many other benefits.

Finally, the lemon will give this broth an acidic touch, while also providing incredible properties that help the body digest fats, which will certainly help to decrease the amount of work the liver is expected to do.


Celery, oatmeal and ginger

Celery is a great purifying food; not only does it improve liver and gall bladder function, but it also benefits your kidneys, making it an essential part of any purifying treatment. Plus, it gives broths a delicious flavor.

In addition to giving this broth a nice consistency, oatmeal has fiber and vegetable proteins that will help you get rid of the toxic substances in your body. Plus, this cereal is very nutritious and improves bowel function, something that must be in good working order for this purifying cleanse to be productive.

Finally, a pinch of ginger will help your body digest fats, which make the liver’s job harder.


Cabbage, turnip and turmeric

There are lots of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower) that stimulate liver enzymes and prevent the growth of cancerous cells.

Turnip, which is commonly used in broths, is also good for fat digestion, making it an essential part of a diet aimed at cleaning out your body.

Onion broth

Finally, turmeric, in addition to being anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory, helps us eliminate bile and thus clear out the liver. Add just one tablespoon to every liter of broth.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on broths to detoxify your liver!