Three Recommended Activities to Alleviate Back Pain

· September 14, 2017
Instead of staying still, the best thing you can do to alleviate back pain is practice simple activities that will help strengthen your muscles without exerting excessive force.

Would you like to alleviate back pain?

Pain exists in all parts of the body. It can appear for one reason or another, and it’s sometimes stronger than other times.

Because of its many jobs, your back is one of the most common areas to have pain, which is both annoying and uncomfortable.

In general, pain can come about for many different reasons:

  • Bruises
  • Ailments
  • Direct hits
  • Wear
  • Overuse

However, with respect to your back, the appearance of this problem can differ from those that we have mentioned.

A clear example of this is pain in our modern era. A sedentary lifestyle is the norm and has a great influence on your posture.

Back pain today

Back pain is very common these days and usually depends on one’s job or their daily routine.

The sedentary lifestyle of sitting in front of a computer causes one to assume a poor posture.

In general, the people that are most affected by this are those who spend hours in class (like students at school) and those who have office jobs.

A repetitive error

Out of common sense, when we start to experience back pain, we spend time being inactive. This may seem like a good idea since you don’t want to hurt this area or cause any more pain.

However, this is a common error. Although you are trying to help yourself, you will only end up making things worse.

First of all, you should start by visiting a doctor that you trust to get a professional opinion and so they can tell you what you should do about it.

Are there any good physical activities you can do to alleviate back pain?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Although it may seem a little contradictory, certain physical activities can have great benefits to alleviate back pain.

As we continue, we will show you the best activities to do when you’re suffering from this condition.

1. Yoga

This activity is a fairly complete discipline in itself. Aside from this, it is also one of the most complex, keeping in mind its movements and the strength required to do it.

  • This exercise helps to increase the physical capabilities of the body, including strength, flexibility, and resistance.
  • The vertebrae, joints and breathing are the basis of yoga.
  • Doing it correctly helps to strengthen your back, which helps to prevent possible back pain in the future.

2. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most practiced sports and one of the most beneficial for your health.

Whether you are doing it recreationally or competitively, you will notice its effects both psychologically and physically.

Among the positive things that swimming does is the fact that it can help alleviate back pain since it strengthens this zone. Thus, it is also very effective at preventing it.

This discipline, with its four styles, works to strengthen the muscles of your lumbar and dorsal (back), as well as those in your arms and hips.

The water works as a resistance for the body while you are moving, which strengthens your muscular system.

However, the pool also helps with recovery. By decreasing the weight of the body, it decreases the the collision between the joints and the spine which produces positive results for the your back.

3. Pilates

This is possibly one of the most useful activities for us day to day. This is due to its mode of execution, which works to strengthen the core (lumbar, abdomen, and obliques).

By doing pilates, your body posture will benefit greatly. With it, the pain in your back will decrease and will be prevented in the future.

It is said that this discipline is one of the safest and is considered the mother of intelligent movement.