The Perfect Relationship

· May 29, 2016
The world is always more beautiful with the right person, the one who shares your values, never judges and helps you grow.

The world can always take on a more beautiful, shining and motivating glow if you have the right person at your side. We know it’s not easy to establish ties and form romantic relationships that can enrich our lives, but we must never give up. Love is always worth it.

As we mature, we stop placing value on physical beauty as we learn that what really counts and allows us to grow is finding someone to harmonize with our values and give light to life’s little details each day.

Today on our site, we’d like to invite you to reflect on that.

The world is always more beautiful with the right person

Positive relations are those that above all respect spaces, opinions, judgments and values while promoting personal growth.

Finding the right life partner means making a few wrong choices. As we move forward and are fully aware of what we do and don’t want, we’ll find the right person.

Take note now of what characteristics their personalities should have to give light to your world and make it more beautiful.

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If they love you, they won’t judge you

Everyone has a critic in their social circle who criticizes the things you do and judges what you say as if they themselves were the sole possessors of universal truths.

People that enrich your life won’t judge you. They care and advise, but they never use your words against you as a way to control and manipulate.

Healthy attachments won’t hold you back

Healthy relationships allow you to grow, both as a couple and as individuals. On the other side of the spectrum, however, we encounter these attachments:

  • People who fear being abandoned may form nervous attachments where they try to control everything because this type of relationship is based on insecurity and low self-esteem.
  • Distant attachments, on the other hand, are cool, offer little support and are characterized by the self-interests of one party, despite the detrimental physical and emotional effects on the other party.

Similar values and respecting differences

A happy, mature and stable relationship doesn’t mean agreeing on everything. You can each have different interests, aspirations and even hobbies. Your personalities may be different as well, but what really needs to match up are your values.

  • Values bring people together, harmonizing emotions, principles and personal space.
  • A couple that respects each others differences and does things to help each other makes the world a much more beautiful place. There’s harmony.

Respect and foster personal growth

Something that often happens in many relationships is that limits start being placed on the personal aspirations and even spaces that form part of your identity.

  • It’s common to set aside certain hobbies, friends and even our dreams.
  • Those who respect their partner’s personal space trust the other, allowing them to hold onto their passions, social relationships and career goals.
  • Allowing room for the other person to have their personal space is a way to invest in the common space of the relationship. A happy person enriches the relationship that much more.

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Start making your world more beautiful

We’ve talked to you about the importance of finding a person who knows how to make your day more interesting, intense and beautiful.

But we mustn’t forget one essential point: don’t rely on others to make you happy, start creating the life that you really want to live.

  • One of the most famous studies in history is known as the Grant Study. It lasted for approximately 70 years and its purpose was to find the source of authentic happiness.
  • Researchers were able to conclude what you may have already guessed: for the majority of people, loving and being loved is synonymous with absolute happiness.
  • Now, we need to keep in mind that if we focus our lives on this search alone, of loving and being loved, we forget a really important point: the need to love ourselves.


Feeling loved is certainly something very beautiful, but sometimes this search can take a lifetime, so it’s best to start making your own world beautiful today. We are who we are: young old, tall or short, single or in a relationship with someone wonderful.

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Start by wanting it, start new projects by imagining yourself as the hero in your own adventure story. Life with you is an amazing place.