21 Ways to Lose 500 Calories a Day

· September 29, 2014

If you can’t get on the right track with slimming down, it’s because your habits have still not changed enough. Take a look at the following article in which we will tell you 21 ways to lose up to 500 calories a day. It’s not impossible, it’s worth a try.

How to Lose 500 Calories a Day

Be Active

Don’t spend all day sitting in front of a computer or the television. While talking on the phone for example, walk around the room or the office or move your legs and feet to the beat of a song in your head. Anything to avoid being inactive.

Don’t Eat Nuts

Especially if they are in a large bowl. According to researchers, the bigger the portion, the more you eat. Although nuts are good for your heart, they have a large amount of calories (1 handful contains 175 calories). If you like them a lot, choose pistachios because the same amount only has 80 calories.


Don’t Eat in Front of the TV

According to a study, this will make you eat almost 300 calories more because you won’t be paying attention to what you’re eating. Instead, sit at a table to eat with the TV turned off. And instead of watching a movie afterwards, take advantage of this time to take a walk.

Aren’t salads the healthiest thing to eat? Yes, but only to a certain degree. If you put pieces of ham or cheese, bacon, nuts, dressing, mayonnaise, tempura, etc. on it, it can make you gain a lot of weight. No more than four ingredients is fine.

Use Smaller Plates

Use one with smaller dimensions than what you are used to. As a result, you will put less food on it. If you have been taught to “eat everything on your plate”, this will help you eat less.


Choose Espresso

Coffee sizes that are sold in shops today are very oversized. One of these cups can contain up to 670 calories if you order it with cream or chocolate. So, a shot of espresso is better because it only has 30 calories.

Count Your Snacks

If you really like potato chips or cookies, they don’t have to be strictly prohibited. You can eat a portion of 5 cookies and save the rest of the package. A big bowl of chips is not good because you will end up eating them all because they are super addictive and delicious.

Serve Away from the Table

Before, families would sit in front of a huge spread of pasta or meat. This makes you want to serve yourself over and over again. However, if you choose to serve the plates in the kitchen and bring them to the table, you will reduce your desire to continue eating.


Say “No” to Cocktails

One glass alone contains syrup, creamy additions, canned juices, and sugars. Which means that it is almost 800 calories. Avoid drinks like these and choose natural juices or ones that have citrus.

Eat Less Pasta

One plate alone (without sauce) has 220 calories. However, if we add more “flavor” to this, this number can increase fivefold. Choose whole wheat noodles, for example.

Invite Less People at One Time

If you eat with more than seven people, your portion will definitely be bigger. The reason is that when you have more people in the house, you will make double or triple the amount, thinking that it won’t be enough.

Don’t Clean Your Plate

An expert in weight loss says that you have to leave 25% of the plate full. Leftovers can be given to the dog or even for lunch the next day.

Order a Small Menu

In fast food restaurants, for example, they offer you the option to make your combo bigger. That is bad for your health. The same thing occurs in some restaurants. A shared plate of french fries and dessert can save you a lot of calories.

Skip the Smoothies

They are very delicious and refreshing in the summer but also very high in calories. A big glass with banana, milk, and sugar has at least 800 calories. Choose fruit juices instead.


Pay Attention to “Hidden” Oils

It’s better to prepare meals with water or broth instead of oil because every tablespoon has 124 calories.

Get Enough Sleep

People that sleep less than 7 hours a day eat more according to a recent study. If you don’t take a nap, you might eat a snack, for example. You will save 100 calories by sleeping.

Be the Host

The task of going to the supermarket, cooking, cleaning, setting the table, etc. makes you burn a lot of calories, which is why inviting people to your house is a great idea to “allow yourself” that ice cream.

Say No to Soft Drinks

A glass of a sugary drink has almost 200 calories. If yo drink two or three you will exceed these limits. There is nothing better than water to quench your thirst.

Fill Yourself Up with Less

It’s possible to trick your stomach into eating less. For example, before eating lunch or dinner, drink a cup of soup that is low in calories so that you will eat less later.

Pay Attention to the Signs

Your stomach “signals” when it is satisfied. It’s a good idea to listen to this signal. Instead of looking at the plate, look at your body first. It will tell you when to stop on time.

Choose Drinks with No Sugar

Although you are drinking tea, if you add a few tablespoons of sugar, it can lead to weight gain. Choose other natural sweeteners like stevia or learn to add less sugar to your infusions.


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