15 Keys to Following Through with a Diet

Diets are notoriously difficult and in today's article we show you some great tips for following through with a diet, read on!
15 Keys to Following Through with a Diet

Last update: 18 September, 2020

A lot of people have started diets feeling confident and motivated, but as time goes on and daily activities get in the way, it becomes difficult to keep it going. If this has ever happened to you, or if you’re starting a diet and you don’t want to fail, read these simple keys to following through with a diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Whatever diet you’re following, breakfast is essential for nutrition. It covers the morning’s needs for work, study, or doing the household chores. Avoid skipping it, because you’ll be hungrier by lunch time, and of course, it’s logical that you’ll eat a lot more than you should. On the contrary, if you eat a healthy breakfast, you’ll feel satisfied throughout the morning, and when lunchtime comes, you’ll won’t go over the top.

Junk food

A selection of cakes.

If you were used to eating junk food or sweets, and giving into your cravings for a little something extra, you need to remember that sweets cause anxiety. So try to eat your favorite fruit as a healthy alternative.

A smaller plate

When you’re getting ready to eat a meal, chose a smaller plate than you’re used to. You’ll feel like you’ve eaten the same amount as always, because the plate will be full, but the portion will be smaller.  

Sleep well

Sleep well. According to a study performed by the University of Chicago, doing so creates the hormone leptin, which tells the brain that it is satisfied. If not, the hormone ghrelin will create a sensation of hunger. That’s why you should try to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Check your weight

Woman weighing herself on the scales

Constantly check your weight. There is nothing more motivating that seeing how your good dietary habits are panning out week after week. This will definitely help your self-esteem, and will motivate you to continue with your diet.

Exercise and patience

Be very patient. Not all diets are quick acting, nor are all metabolisms the same. So keep it up and don’t give up. With a lot of exercise and healthy food, you’ll get the desired effect in your body.

Healthy treats

Fill your pantry with healthy products. Buy a lot of fruits and vegetables. During snack time, you’ll be able to think of tasty, new and healthy treats.

Plenty of water

Pouring water into a glass.

Drink a lot of water, as well as fruit, to help reduce your anxiety. Water is also a wonderful ally for reducing food consumption. Drink at least 6-8 glasses a day, and try to do so before every meal so that you feel a little fuller.

Whole grains

You don’t need to stop consuming your normal daily foods, like bread,  yogurt and crackers for example. There are a lot of “light” and whole grain versions, so you won’t have to give up on tasty food!


You could help your diet by seasoning your food with oregano, a bit of mustard, garlic or pepper. Your foods will be much tastier, and you’ll feel more satisfied.

Whole grains

If you like traditional foods, then keep eating whole grains. They contain good fiber, improve digestion, reduce cholesterol and prevent constipation.

Don’t break your diet

A healthy breakfast with muesli and eggs.

Of course, diets are something personal, and you don’t need your family to follow your same routine. But you could slowly change the way you eat so that your body is healthier and performs better. Likewise, avoid having food that could tempt you to break your diet.

Looking good

In just the same way you are taking care of your body inside, do so outside as well. Exfoliate your skin, apply facial masks, use nourishing creams, fix your hair, and use your favorite clothing. All of this will help you feel more beautiful, and you’ll notice great changes, both inside and out. This will be apparent to everyone around you.


Just in case you didn’t know, alcohol contains a lot of calories that turn into fat in your body. If you can’t give up the alcohol, then try to consume it less often, or only on special occasions. You don’t need to completely abstain from it, but if you want your diet’s results to be noticeable, you’ll have to try to reduce your consumption of alcoholic beverages.

An extra help

Plasticine family picture

Ask your friends and family to help you follow through with your diet. These are the people that surround you, and if you can count on their support, this will be much easier for you. Tell them not to bring you chocolates, ice cream, and pizza, but rather, fruits and juices. Oftentimes when you’re feeling like giving in, there’s nothing better than finding someone to motivate you once again to try following through with a diet.

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