14 Tricks to Overcome Stress, Anxiety and Fear

· April 18, 2017
Are you one of the many people who suffer from stress, anxiety or fear? Learn 14 great tricks to help you tame your brain and overcome your worrying.

Stress, anxiety, and fear are the greatest enemies in today’s society. After all, we have an immediate connection with everything that is happening to us.

However, there are simple tips that we can all follow to try to calm your brain and face the stress that’s so often a part of life.

1. How can you manage stress?

El estrés

Instead of adopting the permanent attitude of struggling against ourselves or trying to escape the situation, the best thing to do is active deep breathing.

To calm down and reach a state of serenity you can try some of these relaxation techniques.

2. Expose yourself to fear

Exposure therapy consists of exposing ourselves to the things that frighten us. This is how we’ll be more comfortable doing the things that scare us, such as speaking in public.

Learn to be honest with yourself, as this will be a powerful tool.

3. Is fear what’s holding you back?

Recognize when you’re being controlled by anxiety. In fact, your fear of something can easily lead to other questions in your life.

When you face a situation or experience that you find difficult to tackle, you should always reflect upon it.

A great way to do this is by keeping an journal to write down your thoughts. This is a great way to learn to face them and rationalize them.

Fears may have a lot to do with your perceived limitations.

4. Exercise to calm daily stress

Hacer ejercicio

Did you know that exercising is one of the best ways to relax? This is because exercise helps produce endorphins that help us calm down.

Exercise also boosts our immune system and raises our body temperature. All of this is important for an overall sense of well-being.

5. See anxiety as excitement

Anxiety is not always bad. In certain difficult situations, you should consider anxiety to be a kind of excitement rather than acute nervousness.

One study has confirmed that people who interpret their anxiety as excitement, rather than as nervousness, are more likely to act properly and succeed in difficult situations.

6. Recognize the things you do well

Make a list of what concerns you and another list of things that you do well. Once you have these lists, compare them.

In this way, you won’t just think about the negative aspects of your life, but also about the good things that happen to you. It also may be that the list of positive aspects far outweighs the list of negative things. Actually, it should!

7. See things as a whole

Our survival instincts fill us up with dread and permanent fear. For many, we feel like we must always keep our guard up.

However, you must try to control the messages in your mind.

Something bad may, in fact, happen in the future. However, it’s not happening at the present moment, so you should relax.

8. Think of life like a game


Taking things in stride and considering tasks to be a hobby are extremely important ways to tackle your stress or anxiety.

To beat stress, imagine each of your actions is a part of a game. When something goes wrong, you can start the next game and try things out another way.

9. Know your values

When confronted with a challenging situation that makes you tense, you should always return to your true values.

What matters most to you? Your family, partner, children, or your work?

Writing down what’s important to you will help you address seemingly decisive challenges in your life.

10. Helping others always adds something to our lives

Holding the door open for a stranger, giving friends a helping hand or helping  your children do their homework are just some of the ways you can help other people.

It’s always important to show your willingness to support, listen and offer help.

When we help others, we have fewer negative emotions and stress doesn’t affect us as much.

11. Drink coffee

mujer con café riendo

According to several studies, coffee can be an excellent ally in certain stressful situations.

However, you must keep in mind that you should only consume moderate amounts of coffee to achieve the desired results.

Have a small cup of coffee or tea and take a moment to really savor it. It’s also a great way to relax!

12. Meditation is an excellent weapon against stress

Learn to train your mind to focus on the present and on the tasks at hand.

This will prevent anxiety about the future and the ongoing torment of past situations. With practice, you’ll learn how to handle depressive thoughts, anxiety, and even pain.

13. Your internal dialogue

A study carried out in 2014 with students showed that internal dialogue is much more important than we think.

It was found that those who more frequently used the pronoun “you” or their own name instead of “I” improved their self-confidence.

Another direct consequence of this was that they spoke in public with fewer problems.

14. Is stress good or bad?

Is stress good? Some psychologists say that it’s a sign that we care about our life and find it meaningful.

In addition, thinking about the positive effects that our actions can bring will make our responses to difficult situations more appropriate.

Whenever you’re struggling with stress, remember: it’s not always a bad thing to care so much! 

With this mentality, it will be easier to learn how to cope with life’s pressures.