14 Surprising Household Uses for Butter

· May 19, 2015

Usually at home we only keep butter in the kitchen for cooking. But you probably don’t know all the ways this product can help you with ordinary household tasks beyond the kitchen. Today we’ll show you 14 surprising household uses for butter outside the kitchen, and some problem-solving tricks involving butter that you might not know about!

Removing water marks from wood surfaces

2 wood

Moisture can leave water stains on wooden surfaces, and we typically buy expensive products to remove them. A much cheaper solution is to leave a bit of butter on the wood stain overnight, and simply clean it off in the morning, taking the stain with it.

Untangling necklaces

Knots in necklace chains are usually hard to untangle, and the longer the chain, the easier it gets knotted and the more difficult it is to undo. To simplify this frustrating task, rub the chain with some butter and massage it into the knot. The butter will help loosen the metal, making it slippery and easy to untangle.

Preserving onions

3 onion

Sometimes we only need to use half of an onion. To prevent the other half from sprouting or going bad, spread some butter on the half you want to save for later.

Polishing leather

Leather items need as much care as the skin to keep them looking like new and clean. Use a cloth to rub a little butter on leather goods such as shoes, belts, furniture, and more – it’s an ideal leather polish.

Preventing water from spilling

4 water

Sometimes water spills when it’s on the stove. A simple trick to prevent this from happening is to put a small piece of butter in the water and say goodbye to spills.

Removing ink stains from plastic

Ink stains on plastic can be a headache. The solution lies in applying butter – the oil from the butter softens the stain and the salt helps extract it. To do this, put butter on the plastic surface, then expose it to sunlight for a day before cleaning the ink off.

Making shaving easier

5 armpit

Most people shave some part of their bodies to have smoother skin and look better in general. But shaving creams can be expensive and cause irritation. One cheap trick that doesn’t cost very much is to apply butter to the area to be shaved, making shaving quicker and leaving you with smooth skin.

Removing gum from hair

Trying to remove gum from hair can be quite a headache, and sometimes even requires a trip to the salon. But to fix this annoying problem you just need to apply a good amount of butter to the hair, and the fats in the butter will help slide the gum out. Let it sit for a few minutes before removing the gum.

Removing a stuck ring

6 ring

Swelling, heat and other factors can leave you with a ring that’s stuck on your finger. Rubbing a little butter on the finger will help the ring slide off easily.

Preserving cheese

Cheese is one of those products that has a limited shelf life, and by refrigerating it we expose it to certain factors that can make it go bad more quickly than we think. An effective way to prolong the life of a block of cheese is to apply butter to it and store it in an airtight container.

Silencing squeaky doors

7 door

Over time, doors develop an annoying sound ever time we open them or they move with the wind. Put butter on the door hinges to help get rid of those squeaky, bothersome noises.

Removing sticky residue

Getting sticky substances off of surfaces can be difficult. A good trick is to gently rub some butter on the surface, and rinse off the residue with soap and water.

Cutting sticky foods

Many foods can be gummy because of the ingredients they contain. To make your cuts smooth, just put a little butter on your knife.

Taking pills more easily

Many people find it difficult to take pills, but to make it easier put a little butter on the pill and swallow it with water.