14 Foods that Should Always Be in Your Fridge

· January 17, 2016

You open the fridge and realize you only have half a tomato and a lemon. What do I make for dinner now? In order for this not to happen to you, it is important that you do your shopping with a little more forethought and organization. But, more than that, pay attention to the following article where you will discover a fantastic list of foods that should always be in your fridge.

What items should always be in your fridge?

If you’re heading to the market soon, make a list of the items you should purchase using these suggestions as a basis:


Just the thing that was left in your fridge the last time you opened it. This citrus fruit brings its beneficial properties but also its flavor to many different dishes. And if you are thirsty, a nice lemonade with water, sugar and ice will hit the spot. As for your food, you can use a little lemon with fish, as a marinade, and in your salads. It is the perfect ingredient to help you leave out salt.

Cilantro (Coriander)

This is from the same family as parsley, so you can use whichever is easier to find. This spice, which is often used in sauces, stews, and chicken dishes, brings an excellent taste to vegetable and meat plates as well. It is always best to have it fresh and to cut it just before using.



You can buy it or make it yourself. If you make it yourself, remember that it cannot be saved for too many days. Mayonnaise contains a lot of vitamin E and is used in thousands of recipes, from a sandwich to a piece of meat, from potato or egg salad to a serving of turkey. Let it add flavor to your favorite foods.


Mustard is another condiment that should always be in your fridge and that you can make yourself (with the seeds) or purchase already made. Some brands even offer it combined with different herbs. It is perfect as a dressing for green salads, sandwiches, vegetables, red meats, cold meats and sausages.


It is the base of many recipes with flour and, in some cases, to spread on breakfast toast so when you arrive home after work and you want to attack the first thing you see. Butter is so versatile that it can be used both in sweet dishes and in salty dishes, raw or cooked, cold or hot.



There are many types of cheese, therefore, you can choose the one that is most liked in your house. White cheese, for example, can be used for snacks or cakes. Mozzarella cheese is used for pizzas, cream cheese is used to fill pies and cakes. There are also cheeses that are used specifically for desserts, such as mascarpone or ricotta. Grated cheese adds a lot of flavor to dishes such as soups, stews, and pasta.


They can save your day. A few eggs cooked with salt and oregano will curb your hunger until you return from the market. They can also be used to make cakes, pastries, desserts… If you want you can fry them, boil them, beat them or combine them with many other ingredients.

Thick-skinned fruit

Bananas, apples, and avocados are all part of this group. They are great because they can be kept in the fridge for several days and they take away your hunger pains. They can be eaten raw and are perfect for satisfying our appetite until dinnertime. Further, they are a healthy alternative for children.



Some people place this food of the Americas in the fridge to conserve it longer. Grandmothers tell us that they should never be missing from a house. If we had to choose one food that can help you in more ways, potatoes would win the prize. You can make mashed potatoes, an omelet, French fries, a salad with potato and egg (another essential, according to my grandmother), creamed or with octopus, olive oil, and paprika.

Onion and garlic

Although by themselves onions and garlic have many applications in salads, they can also help you spice up any other meal. The blandest pasta and oil dish becomes a gourmet dish thanks to these two ingredients. Not to mention if we begin to list all the benefits to your health.


Along with cheese, it can make the best tasting sandwich in history. A little bit of serrano ham as a snack can be a delicacy of the gods. If you cut it into little cubes and sauté it with olive oil and a little, toasted bread, you can eat something very delicious and healthy before dinner.

ham cheese roll

Dairy products

We have already mentioned butter and cheese. But do not forget about milk and yogurt. These are complete foods and which can even be consumed by themselves (if you like them plain). In the case of milk, it can be used both in sweet dishes and in salty dishes. Or for a delicious coffee with milk in the mornings. It is recommended that you store them in glass bottles in order to preserve their flavor. Keep an eye on the expiration date as well.


Another dairy product of which we could do an entirely separate article. Sour cream, half-and-half milk cream, or whole cream can be used in diverse preparations, according to the needs, in sweet or salty dishes. Returning to the example of a plate of pasta, try eating pasta with a little cream on top: you will not regret it.


The best part of this vegetable is that it can be kept in the fridge for several days. One tip to help preserve them longer is to leave them in the plastic bag they came in and put them in the vegetable tray. You can eat them both raw and cooked and they will help satisfy your hunger. Whether grated, diced, sliced or stuffed, carrots are delicious.