Avoid Wasting Food with These 14 Excellent Tips

Did you know that you can do your bit to help reduce food waste? With a few handy tips and tricks, you can increase the shelf-life of your food, and become a more responsible consumer.
Avoid Wasting Food with These 14 Excellent Tips

Last update: 01 September, 2020

If you want to avoid wasting food, here you’ll find some of our favorite tips to help you get more out of your ingredients, and even extend their shelf life.

While many of these are based solely on popular belief rather than solid scientific evidence, many of those that have tried them have found them to be useful. Are you ready to give them a shot?

How to avoid wasting food at home

1. Keeping eggs fresh for longer

Most people tend to eat eggs on a regular basis. However, there are those who worry that they might go rotten before they have time to eat them. According to some sources, however, all you need to do to keep your eggs fresh is apply a thin layer of olive oil. Amazing!

Fresh eggs.

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2. How to avoid wasting food – rescuing a salty soup

Were you a little heavy-handed with the salt when making your favorite homemade soup? Don’t panic – it’s such an easy mistake to make! Fortunately, we have a simple trick to help you rescue your salty soup.

Peel a potato and place it in your pot of soup for around 20 minutes. According to popular belief, the potato will help absorb some of the salt. And the best part is, your soup won’t go to waste.

3. Using the last bit of mayonnaise

If you want to use up every last bit of mayonnaise in the jar, simply add a few tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice and make a salad dressing.

4. How to avoid wasting food – keeping berries fresh

Berries decompose quickly if you don’t eat them fast enough. Thankfully, there is a simple trick that seems to work well. All you need to do is place the berries in a container with water and apple cider vinegar.

If you’re not planning on eating them in the next few days, the best way to avoid food waste is to place your berries in an airtight container, and store them in the freezer until you need them.

5. Preserving garlic and onions

According to popular belief, placing foods like garlic and onions in a paper bag punched with holes may help to preserve their flavor and freshness for longer.

How to avoid wasting food - storing garlic and onions.

6. How to avoid wasting food – keeping avocado halves fresh

Sometimes you can’t quite manage a whole avocado, and want to keep the other half for later. However, as everybody knows, the other half is sure to turn brown in just hours. So, what can you do to stop this from happening?

Among the many food hacks people share online, we managed to find this one for keeping avocados fresh: apparently, all you need to do is place the leftover avocado half in an airtight container together with a large piece of onion. Go ahead and give it a try!

7. Using all the Nutella

I think most of us can agree: Nutella is pretty tasty, which makes it all the more important to use up all the leftover spread at the bottom of the jar. Instead of simply throwing it away, add some hot milk, mix it with a spoon, and you’ll have a delicious chocolatey drink.

8. How to avoid wasting food – preserving celery

Want to keep your celery sticks fresher for longer? These tasty vegetables tend to wilt within a very short space of time. However, according to popular belief, wrapping celery in aluminum foil can help it stay fresh. 

9. Increasing the shelf life of bananas

For many of us, bananas are a regular part of our diet. While they’re delicious and nutritious, the tend to ripen way too quickly, going brown then black in a matter of days.

Want to avoid this? Well, if you put a little plastic wrap on the end of your bananas, you’ll find they last three or four days longer than usual. Give it a try!

Preserving bananas.

10. How to avoid wasting food – reusing milk

Like all dairy products, milk must be carefully stored and preserved, as it can easily become contaminated. However, just because it’s no longer fresh, doesn’t mean it can’t still be useful.

If it’s only a few days past the expiration date, you can use it to make kumis (a type of fermented milk yogurt), cottage cheese, cheese, and so much more. Try it and see for yourself!

11. Storing fine herbs

Adding herbs to your dishes is a great way to kick them up a notch. The only downside is that if you don’t take steps to store them properly, they can spoil much quicker than you might think.

To prevent this and ensure your herbs don’t go to waste, simply put them in ice cube trays, fill each square with olive oil, and put them in the freezer. You can use these herb cubes in all kinds of different recipes. 

12. How to avoid wasting food – storing potatoes and apples

Did you know that storing potatoes and apples together can help keep both of them fresher for longer? While this hasn’t yet been scientifically proven, many people have reported that this trick has helped keep their food fresh.

13. Getting all the mango pulp

If you’re the type of person who winds up losing a lot of mango pulp when you peel them with a knife, then try cutting your mangoes into several pieces and retrieving the pulp with the help of a glass. You can use the same trick with kiwis, avocados and other similar fruits.

14. How to avoid wasting food – reusing coffee grounds

Since ancient times, coffee grounds have been used to prepare plant fertilizer and compost. Are you brave enough to try it out for yourself? While there is insufficient evidence to support these claims, it’s a really simple method you can try at home.

Avoid wasting food to help others

As trivial and insignificant as these tips might seem, they’re really simple ways to avoid wasting food. They won’t cost you a penny, and with a little effort, they’ll benefit both you and others.

Being generous to others doesn’t cost a thing. As well as putting these tricks into practice, you could also share your leftover food with those who need it most. That way, you can cut your food waste, and help those around you.

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