13 Quick and Simple Tricks That Will Help You Keep Your House Organized

· August 13, 2017
Trying to keep your house neat and organized? Try some of these quick and easy tricks!

Organizing your house can take up a lot of time. You not only need to clean each corner, but also put everything away.

Although there are many tools to keep everything in place, sometimes we find things that we don’t know how to organize in order to make everything look good.

However, there are many easy tricks to use that will help you make your home look like new in a matter of minutes.

In this article article, we want to reveal the 13 best ones so that you can use them whenever you need to.

Take note!

1. Take advantage of this old shoe organizer


A simple shoe organizer can become the storage area for all your cleaning products.

Since it has several compartments and can be placed in any space, it’s useful to organize all those jars that usually multiply in your house.

2. Organize your sports balls


If your children’s sports equipment is everywhere, and you don’t know how to put them neatly in one place, use sport elastic bands to keep them in one spot.

3. Don’t throw away your egg cartons


Have you thought about how useful egg cartons can be?

Although you may not have realized it, this piece of cardboard is ideal for storing small objects such as sewing tools or jewelry.

4. Use cans with a magnet


Cans with used together with magnets are excellent for saving space in the kitchen, especially when it’s too small.

These makeshift storages places can be put on your fridge door, for example. Moreover, you can put the spices and herbs you use daily in these cans.

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5. Place your t-shirts vertically in your drawer

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Do you want to keep your dresser tidy? A simple trick to help you is to fold your shirts and put them in your dresser vertically.

This will take up less space and make it easier to find them the next time you want to wear them.

6. Put baskets in your freezer


If you buy small baskets and put them in your freezer, you can organize your food more easily and then you can find it faster.

7. Keep your makeup on a board


A simple magnetic board can be a great alternative to organize makeup products without wasting so much time.

The trick is to put a small magnet on the makeup items so that they can stick to the board, which will ensure that they’re always at hand.

8. Make your own bathroom shelf


If you notice your bathroom is cluttered, create your own shelf with jam jars, or something similar, and pipe holders that you can find in hardware stores.

This item will not only allow you to keep small objects at hand, but will add an extra touch of decoration to this space in your home.

9. Put a magnetic bar in your kitchen


If you stick a magnetic bar somewhere in your kitchen you’ll always have your knives and utensils for everyday use at hand.

10. Stick adhesive hooks in your closets


If you stick several adhesive hooks on your closets doors you can keep your necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry items organized,

This simple trick will help you save space and will also allow you to keep all those accessories that you like to use every day in sight.

11. Use recycled cans to organize objects


All those cans that store food can be reused to create nice accessory or small object organizers.

Wash them well and use all your creativity to paint and decorate them as you like.

12. Use a bottle to organize your bracelets


Are all your bracelets scattered and tangled up? Say goodbye to this mess by using a simple glass bottle.

  • Wash it well and place it on your dresser to hold each bracelet.
  • In fact, if you like, you can attach them to a wooden drawer to have a nice organizer like the one in the picture.

13. Keep your glasses on a hanger


Although we limit the use of hangers to just clothing, this simple item can also help us to organize our favorite glasses.

  • This not only allows you to save space but keeps your glasses free of scratches.

Ready to take advantage of all these tricks? Now that you know them, keep them in mind the next time you organize your house and you’ll optimize your time.