13 Kitchen Tricks to Make You Want to Cook

· July 4, 2018
In this post, you'll learn how to get orange juice without a juicer, make one-ingredient ice cream, and make an egg in 3 minutes, among other kitchen tricks.

Cooking isn’t something that everyone likes to do, but if you make it more pleasant and painless, it can be much better.

This is exactly what you’ll get when you follow these kitchen tricks that will make you want to cook.

1. Peel a Pomegranate in Seconds

Kitchen Tricks

You can peel a pomegranate in a matter of seconds using a wooden spoon. 

  • To do it, you have to cut the pomegranate into two parts, then hit it with a wooden spoon, and it’s done. All of the seeds fall onto your plate!

2. Grate Cold Butter

If you’re cooking with butter but it’s too cold, don’t worry. If you need to spread butter, grate it first and it will be much easier to spread.

3. Make Dough in the Microwave

Yes, you read that right! It’s much simpler to make dough in the microwave. 

If you want to make dough with yeast, just put a cup of water in the microwave and put it on high for 2 minutes until the water begins to boil.

Then, place the dough in the microwave, and you’ll see that the warm air and the vapor will make your dough rise faster.

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4. Beat Your Wine

Beat Your Wine

Beating your wine will improve its flavor. This trick is efficient in the case of young wines. This simple trick improves the taste of any wine.

Put it in the blender and blend it for 15-30 seconds. Then, let the foam go down before you drink it.

5. Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg Quickly in a Cup of Water

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To peel off the shell of a hard-boiled eggsubmerge it in a cup of cold water and shake it well for a few seconds. Then, it will be easy to peel quickly.

6. Fill a Banana with Chocolate

Slices of banana, which is one of the foods for controlling hypertension

If you like bananas, this might become your new favorite. All you need is a banana, some chocolate, a straw, and a syringe. To make it, put the straw through the center of the banana, fill the syringe with chocolate and insert it inside the banana. Now you have a banana filled with chocolate!

7. Prevent Fish from Sticking

Prevent Fish from Sticking

Preventing fish from sticking is easier than you think. Put the fish on top of lemon slices. If you put them in the middle of the grill, your fish won’t stick. It’s simple!

8. Aluminum Meat Holder

You can make your own meat holder folding pieces of aluminum foil and putting them under the sheet for the oven. This way, you can make sure that the meat doesn’t burn while also ensuring that it cooks evenly and quickly.

9. Juice an Orange without a Juicer

Making orange juice without needing to squeeze oranges by hand is possible. You need to give this a try! First, cut off the top of a plastic bottle and make a few holes in the peel of the orange the size of the piece.

Then, put them in the holes you made. Knead the orange well with your hands and you’ll juice it!

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10. Make Your Dough More Uniform

Make Your Dough More Uniform

To make your dough more uniform, you need to bake it using toothpicks to check its height. This way, you can be certain your dough is level.

11. Keep Your Ingredients from Sticking

This will help you measure your ingredients easier and prevent them from sticking (like honey or peanut butter). Put a little but of cooking spray inside your measuring cups and you’ll make it much easier for yourself.

12. Prepare Eggs in 3 Minutes

Prepare Eggs in 3 Minutes

There are many ways to prepare eggs and with this method, you’ll be able to do it in barely 3 minutes. Place an egg in a little plastic bag with some butter on the inside.

Use a rubber band to tie it as close to the egg as possible and place the egg in a pot with boiling water. Boil it for 3 minutes and then you’ll have a delicious egg.