13 Great Plans to Celebrate Your Birthday

Not sure whether or not to celebrate your birthday? Continue reading for some reasons why you should, and some suggestions for some fun things you could do.
13 Great Plans to Celebrate Your Birthday

Last update: 04 October, 2021

When we talk about plans to celebrate your birthday, we’re not just referring to having a big party.

What we mean is it’s worth celebrating another year and being grateful for your existence. This means recognizing your right to exist and your purpose in life. This is because every day you’re alive is a new opportunity to make your dreams come true.

Some people don’t like to celebrate birthdays, but we believe this is a good chance to revisit their stance. A birthday is a special day that reminds you you’re here, while others aren’t. Thus, you must honor your life.

So, consider some of these options as your birthday approaches and someone asks about your plans, before a resounding “no”. The following ideas are original and interesting.

1. Up, up, and away!

Let’s start with a rather unconventional alternative that’ll take you high up: a hot air balloon ride. Yes, your loved ones, the cake, and a few glasses for the toast will be all you need for an unforgettable day. The baskets vary in size and can accommodate from 8 to 24 people.

A hot air balloon.
How about a high altitude birthday? You can raise anything from cake to loved ones in a hot air balloon.

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2. A ground ride

Take out your friends and family to a go-karting track and have a high-speed four-wheel experience. It’s all up to the guests and their willingness to fire up some adrenaline.

There are usually different circuits that vary in duration and difficulty, so you and your guests can choose the one you’d like the most.

3. Celebrate your birthday with colorful balls

This is like the ballparks for children, but lots more fun and suitable for every age.

Diving with your guests into small pools full of colorful balls will bring out your inner child. These parks usually also offer food services, karaoke, and other attractions.

4. A paintball game

This is increasingly popular among groups of friends who want to have fun and burn some adrenaline. Are you are a fan of video games such as Call of Duty? Well, this is your chance to put some of the combat strategies into practice.

5. Escape!

Speaking of video games, the popular Room Escape comes is one of the best plans to celebrate your birthday. Enigmas, riddles, searches for clues and many other challenges await you and your guests to spend a day full of secrets to discover.

There are many thematic proposals in which you can use typical costumes of a previously chosen scene. Some scenarios seem real and the spaces are full of mysteries to solve.

6. A spa

Are you more into relaxing stuff? A spa day is the best plan to celebrate your birthday then. Both beauty centers and hotels offer full services. What’s more, some places offer weekend promotions.

7. A cocktail bar

Some nightclubs offer a special tasting service of birthday cocktails. Some of them even decorate the facilities so you can enjoy an intimate and relaxed moment with your guests.

Also, some wineries offer a selection of their best wines so you can taste them with your friends. They also have cold cuts and cheese boards to complete the celebration.

8. Home cinema

Comfy seats, buckets of homemade popcorn, and your favorite drinks come together to have a birthday movie marathon. There’s the Lord of the Rings trilogy or the complete Star Wars saga or Back to the Future or the Matrix, just to mention a few of the latest movie classics you can all watch.

9. A pool party

Having a summer birthday has many advantages. The best of them is you can have a fun pool party in which the cool water, the sun, and your best friends will make your birthday unforgettable. You can do it during the day or night, have a barbecue, drinks, and lights. It’ll be a hit!

10. Celebrate your birthday in an amusement park

Why not spend your birthday at an amusement park? Roller coasters, mazes, and many other rides will make your party unique. One of its advantages is it’s suitable for everyone, as these places have rides for all ages.

11. Theme parties

A costume party never fails and is always welcome as an opportunity for everyone to dress up in their favorite costume. You can have contests with prizes for the best costume, the most original, or the most eccentric or …

12. Celebrate your birthday with a Tuppersex party

This trend has been in fashion for quite some time, mainly in bachelorette parties. Indeed, it’s an adult-only party in which a group of people hires a sex expert to talk about sex.

13. Outdoor activities

You can organize a hike, a bike ride, soccer, volleyball, or a bocce ball game. You’ll get to enjoy some outdoor activities and celebrate your birthday at the same time.

Three people bicycling.
Going out with your friends on a bike is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, exercise, and even celebrate with a picnic at the end.

Reasons to celebrate your birthday

There are many reasons to celebrate your birthday and these are just some of the ones we wanted to share with you. make it a point to:

  • Celebrate your life! Be thankful for what you’ve accomplished and set new goals.
  • Also, keep good company. A new year is a possibility to choose those you want to celebrate with. You may not realize it but being selective in your relationships is a healthy virtue.

Celebrate your birthday

You’ve made it this far, and that’s no small feat! Thus, celebrate this new awakening with those you really care about on such a special day.

You can’t get together with those you love?

Then celebrate this year with you alone. It’s a great opportunity for growth and another day to be thankful for what you’ve accomplished.

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