12 Tips for Having Beautiful Eyebrows

March 1, 2015

Your eyebrows are very interesting parts of your face.  Of course, their most popular trait, especially in women, is aesthetics, yet eyebrows serve other purposes too, some of which are very important.  For example, they help protect the eyes from rain, sweat, solar radiation, or any other harmful product, like dirt.  That’s why we are going to give you 12 tips below for having beautiful eyebrows.

1. Never completely remove your eyebrows

One very common mistake is to pluck, or completely eliminate the eyebrows.  Obviously, this could be very dangerous, and it’s also not very recommendable aesthetically.  First off, remember that the body needs the eyebrows, because their primary function is to protect the eyes.  That’s why you shouldn’t get rid of them.  Secondly, it just doesn’t look good to substitute them with eyeliner.

2. Shape the interior edges

Something you could do is to pluck your eyebrows according to your own facial pattern or style, and the characteristics of your eyebrows.  In this case, we recommend that you shape the interior edges of your eyebrows.  This can be done very simply: just place a makeup brush vertically on one side of your nose.  Then, using the brush as your reference point, remove the hair that grows outside of the line the brush makes.

3. Be careful with some beauty products

Eyebrow makeup

A lot of people apply beauty products that are often times harmful.  That’s why, when referring to the eyebrows, we suggest avoiding the use of beauty products that have suspicious results or are inferior in quality.  You could also consult a certified specialist to give you some advice.  It is very important that you know that even though they look good aesthetically, they could carry certain risks.

4. Use quality makeup and beauty products

Regarding the previous point, if you want to use makeup or some other Beauty product, use something that is good quality.  As you already know, there are certain brands on the market that are characterized by their quality.  In some cases, these products are more expensive.  It is worth it, however, to make sure that your eyebrows are well taken care of.

5. Use moisturizing creams or creams that stimulate growth

Apply specialized creams to your eyebrows that moisturize or stimulate growth.  You could even used homemade creams with natural products.  For example, mix castor oil and gallic acid to make your eyebrows grow more.  You could also apply Olive oil or some other moisturizing cream made especially for the area.

6. Clean your eyebrows

Choose your eyebrow shape according to your face

Just like any other part of the body, you need to clean or wash your eyebrows every time you bathe.  Of course, you can do this with regular or common soap.  It is very important that you gently rub then and afterwards, soap them.  Completely rinse them to prevent any soap residue from sticking, which could weaken your eyebrows over time, causing them to fall out.

7. Pluck your eyebrows after showering

One recommendation for plucking your eyebrows is to do so after having taken a warm or hot water shower.  The pores in your skin will be more open, preventing the area from turning red.  Remember that you need to be careful with the instruments you use, making sure they are in good condition and clean.  If not, you could contract some sort of infection.

8. Use tonic water after plucking

After plucking your eyebrows, you should use some sort of tonic water to moisturize your eyebrows and to make them look good.  In fact, you could also use a bit of honey.  This will prevent irritation and even infections, because tonic water has bactericide effects.

9. Soften your eyebrows with moisturizing cream

Moisturize eyebrows

Soften your eyebrows without having to use chemical products.  Often times these cause the eyebrows to have a cardboard-like texture.  In this case, choose to use a bit of regular moisturizing Cream to soften your eyebrows and to keep them in place for a while.

10. Brush your eyebrows

Brushing your eyebrows with a soft brush could be a great help for stimulating growth.  It’s also a great way to eliminate lose hair.  Brushing your eyebrows is also good aesthetically: it makes them look better and cuter.

11. Follow a good diet

One general piece of advice, and a very important one at that, is that in order to enjoy a healthy appearance, including your eyebrows, you need to eat a good diet.  Eating properly will make you look better, and it will be reflected in every aspect of your being.

12. See a professional if necessary

Our last tip for having beautiful eyebrows is to see a professional if necessary. You shouldn’t abandon your eyebrows.  It’s better to see a professional or a specialist if necessary.  Don’t think that your eyebrows can be overlooked because they’re not important enough.

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