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12 Summer Activities to Do with Children

Today's article will tell you about 12 fun activities to do with children. Take advantage of this nice season and spend more time with your little ones.
12 Summer Activities to Do with Children

Last update: 14 September, 2021

Summer is underway and many people already made plans for a family vacation so now it’s time to think about activities to do with the children. Everyone must have a good time, right?

Spending time with the kids when you’re at home must be a positive experience that strengthens the family bond. Getting to know them by playing, creating, and spending quality time together overall is the best summer plan you can make.

Ok, but what to do about those children with endless energy who never seem to get tired? Well, here are some ideas for summer activities.

12 summer activities to do with children

1. Camping

This is one of the most fascinating activities for kids, no doubt. This is because they see it as an adventure, even if it’s just in the backyard.

Of course, go to a campsite or a place away from the city if you can. Just be aware that even setting up a tent in the living room will suffice. The best part about this kind of activity is you can keep them entertained for a couple of days in advance.

Tet them to set up the tent, find a flashlight, make food and pack their own camping gear. All of this will attune them to the unforgettable experience that awaits them.

2. Hiking

Field days are along the line of activities that promote close contact with nature. As in the previous point, the children can begin to be involved a few days in advance.

For instance, get them to figure out the best spot to go for a family hike. Make a map available to them so they can consult it and get familiar with the area. There are green areas in every city that are perfect for curious little hikers.

Once they choose the place, get them to make a list of items to collect such as tree leaves, rocks, feathers, and any other natural element that grabs their attention. Then, continue the activity back home and have them classify the objects they collect. They can look for information about them, draw them, and even make a field trip diary.

This is a beautiful activity in which children can get in touch with nature and learn a lot during the process.

A family on a camping trip.
Family outings are a great plan to spend time outdoors and enjoy the nice weather.

3. Exploring the city is one of the most educational activities to do with children

Walking around the town or city where you live can be much more interesting than many people think. Seeing things from a car or a bus on the way to school isn’t the same as exploring its hidden corners.

The idea here is to plan a tour of the city nearest to where you live and walk around it with the little ones. Go into those old buildings you’ve only seen from the outside and learn about their history.

Then, once you’re back home, suggest they make a gra[hic presentation of what they saw and learned during the tour.

4. Cooking is one of the most fun activities to do with children

Many people think the presence of children in the kitchen could turn chaotic but children love it. Start them with the task of finding a recipe, and gathering ingredients and utensils.

It’s also a great opportunity to teach them about quantities, measurements, and working with scales. Finally, allow them to make something of their own. It’ll be a rather rewarding and enriching experience for them.

5. Picnic is one of the greatest activities to enjoy with the children during the summer

Here you can pack up the homemade production of the previous point and go on a family picnic. Did we mention how much children enjoy outdoor activities? Do it, even the nearest park is good enough for them.

6. Recreational parks

A tour of the various parks in your area is another great activity. There are usually some water parks during summer and there are many fun activities for children and adults alike.

Be sure to find out about any possible restrictions, entry conditions, and what to bring (towels and attire) before you go.

7. Family biking is one of the best activities to do with children

A bicycling tour is good for everyone’s health and the children will be exhausted at the end of the day. Rent them if you don’t have them at home or just go for a walk instead. The goal here is to do physical activity as a family and make it fun for the youngest ones.

8. Ice cream parties are great activities to do with children

Ice cream is one of the best treats you can have during summer and children love it. Get your hands on a variety of flavors, nuts and seeds, chocolate chips, fruits, and other toppings. Then, use them to set up an ice cream parlor at home. It’ll be so much fun and entertaining!

9. Reading is one of the best summer activities to do with children

Children should learn about the pleasure of reading a good book so it’s important to encourage this habit in them.

To do so you could set up a reading tent and get in there with them to read. Try to make it fun and pleasant. A moment they highly anticipate and just can’t wait for.

10. Boredom!

Indeed, every kid should have a chance to get bored because it’s the best way to be creative and let the imagination fly. The best ideas and the most interesting projects come out of boredom.

You will be surprised at what the little ones can do when they’re bored. All you have to do is stand back and watch. Don’t try to entertain them, they’ll do something about it soon enough.

11. Crafty activities with children

Crafts are a parent’s best ally to spend the holidays. Just gather all sorts of materials like cardboard, paper, yarn, fabric scraps, paints, leaves, etc for children to work with. Their first activity could be to decorate their craft box and organize their tools and materials in it.

12. Garden adventures are great activities for children

The garden may be just the space where you grow plants but it can be a world full of adventures and games for any child. Here are some suggestions for things you can do with them.

Have a theme party with costumes, decorations, and food. Another alternative to making good use of the garden is an obstacle course or a relay race. But don’t worry so much about coming up with ideas, the children are full of them and for sure will come up with something fun.

A group of children enjoying Halloween.
Costume parties are hit among children.

The importance of doing fun activities with your children

Regardless of the destination and the activities you choose to spend the summer with the kids, the most important thing is to spend quality time with them. In this respect, be sure to select a place that’s appropriate for the youngest members of the family if you plan a trip.

In addition, try to forget about schedules and strict routines. Believe it or not, children do eventually get tired and need time down. mainly, keep in mind that “resting” for them means spending more time with you, their grandparents, and friends.

Finally, be sure to include some playful activities that continue to promote their cognitive abilities such as board games or brain teasers.

We encourage you to make the most of your free time with your children. It’s the only way to make up for what you’re missing out on due to your other occupations. The fast pace of life we lead often makes us forget how important we are for our little ones. So, do you know which one of these activities you’ll start with?

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