12 Fun Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

· August 14, 2017
What can you do with all of those plastic bottles? Try recycling them! Here's 12 fun ways you can do it!

Plastic bottles continue to have a strong impact on our environment, not only because they take a long time to decompose, but also because of their effect on natural resources.

While raising awareness has forced industries to change their manufacturing materials, plastic continues to be a problem for the environment.

For this reason, many have sought creative ways to reuse plastic bottles, and thus prevent them from reaching landfills or the habitat of hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

These ideas have spread to many parts of the world. They’re an eco-friendly trend that gets people of all ages, even children, involved.

Up next, we’ll share 12 ways to reuse plastic bottles. You’ll think twice before throwing them in the trash.

Check it out!

1. Curtain

flower curtain

Have you ever noticed the bottom of some bottles are in the shape of a flower? Well, it’s time to get creative and make a cute curtain for your garden.

  • Cut them carefully so as to not damage the shape. Then, hang using sturdy string or fishing line.

2. Pet feeder

pet feeder

Using one or two plastic containers, you can make a unique dispenser for your pets or to feed homeless animals. 

  • Cut the bottles as shown in the image above. Glue them together and fill with food.

3. Piggy bank

piggy bank

This adorable little piggy bank project can help encourage the little ones in the house to recycle these types of materials.

  • You can use EVA rubber, paint and other similar materials.

4. Coin purse

recycled coin purse

For this fun craft project, we once again use the flower shape found at the bottom of plastic bottles.

Join two plastic bottoms with the help of a zipper closure to create a special coin purse.

  • Carefully cut out the plastic flowers and attach the closure with a needle or fine glue.
  • If you’d like, paint them with your favorite colors or decorate them with ribbons.

5. Planter


Maximum creativity! That’s all you need to turn plastic bottles into nice pots for your indoor plants.

  • Cut the bottles to the shape and size you prefer, and paint them with your favorite colors and designs.
  • Remember to make small holes in the lower part to allow water to seep.

6. Basket


Although they’re not exactly baskets, large plastic containers or bottles are perfect for making multi-purpose containers.

  • Cut the top of the container off and cover the edges with cloth tape.
  • Make four small holes in the sides and tie ribbons or string to create the handles.

7. Pencil holder

pencil holder

Pencil holders are a useful accessory that never goes out of style. They’re ideal for keeping your desk or office organized.

  • Cut the top of the plastic bottles off. Next, decorate with your favorite colors and designs. Store pens, pencils and other office supplies.

8. Magazine holder

magazine holder

Larger containers (like those used to store household cleaners) can be easily transformed into magazine holders.

  • Cut the nozzle and one of the container’s sides off.
  • Store books and magazines of your choice.

9. Toothbrush holder

toothbrush holder

The neck of soda bottles and soft drinks can be used to make a handy toothbrush holder.

  • Cut a plastic flower-shaped base. Then, attach to the top of another bottle.
  • Finish by opening several holes and inserting the other bottle necks to add more brushes.

10. Multi-use organizers

multi-use organizer
There are dozens of ways to turn plastic bottles into personalized organizers. In this case, we suggest containers for sewing materials or jewelry.

  • Cut the bottles to the shape and size you prefer. Later, line the edges with tape or fabrics.

11. Vertical garden

vertical garden

Don’t have enough space to have plant a garden? Get creative with an unused wall.

How? Very simple!

  • Attach several plastic bottles horizontally (as shown in the photo above) and use them as pots for small plants.

12. Bird feeder

bottle bird feeder

Bottles in your garden make the perfect feeder for birds. Instead of affecting their environment with plastic trash, you’ll be attracting beautiful species to your outdoor space.

  • Make several holes in the bottle and insert spoons or wooden rods.
  • Store bird food and hang in your garden.

Ready to recycle some bottles? Remember that although the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is choosing products with reusable packaging, these simple ideas for recycling are a great contribution to a better environment.