12 Fabulous Tricks So Your Shoes Won’t Hurt

In order to make your shoes a bit bigger, and to prevent them from chaffing, you can apply alcohol to them, or even stick them in the freezer with a bag of water in them.

Most people have experienced some sort of pain caused by shoes they love, but that are too uncomfortable.

The material they were made with, their design and their accessories generally determine just how comfortable or uncomfortable they are to wear.

The problem is that you can’t always identify what’s causing the problem, because sometimes they don’t cause any problems when you first put them on.

That’s why it’s good to know a few tricks for molding your shoes to your feet, even when this includes changing their size or shape.

Below we are going to give you the 12 most simple ways to make sure your shoes won’t hurt, so you never think of tossing them aside again.

Let’s take a look!

1. Wear two socks

use two socks

When your shoes are just a little too tight, and they feel uncomfortable to use, the solution is to put on two pairs of thick socks while wearing your shoes for several minutes a day.

Put your feet in the tight shoe, walk for a few minutes, and after a few days the shoe will be wider and more comfortable.

2. Ice bag

ice bag

The trick with the ice bag has become very popular because it’s able to make shoes bigger that are too small.

Fill a bag with water and stick it inside your shoe. Then stick it in the freezer for a day or two.

Once the water freezes, the shoes will expand and they’ll be easier to use.

3. Spray hair spray on them

To prevent your feet from slipping around in a sweaty shoe, take a bit of hair spray and spray it inside the shoe, without getting it too wet.

We recommend this for high heels that are too high or that have an open toe.

4. Insert two insoles

two insoles

The classic trick for shoes that stretch out, or for whatever reason fit you too big, is to use two insoles.

These are easy to come by at stores and they can also be made at home out of cardboard or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), among other options.

In fact, if this is an emergency situation and you don’t have insoles, you can solve this problem by using sanitary pads.

Although it seems pretty strange, the glue in them sticks to shoes well, making them more comfortable.

5. Use a bit of bar deodorant

deodorant shoe

If one of your shoes is hurting or chaffing you, rub deodorant on the affected areas.

This product will keep your skin where it should be, preventing blisters.

6. Using a hair dryer

hair dryer on shoes

The heat emitted from a blow dryer can soften shoes making them mold perfectly to your feet.

Put on a new pair of thick socks, stick your foot in your shoe, and turn on the blow dryer for five or ten minutes.

7. Get adhesive cushions

place adhesive cushions

Cushion strips or adhesive tape are useful for preventing shoe straps from rubbing or causing blisters.

Stick them to the edges of your shoes and make sure they are well-stuck, so they don’t affect your feet or ankles.

8. Sand the soles of your shoes

sand soles

A simple piece of sand paper for wood can help prevent uncomfortable slips that are caused by smooth soles.

Vigorously rub the sandpaper on your shoes to create the perfect texture for a more solid hold to the ground.

9. Cover the straps with cotton

cover with cotton

Synthetic straps on some sandals can cause blisters and lesions to the backs of the feet.

To prevent this and to create a more comfortable feel, get a few pieces of cotton fabric and cover your straps with them.

10. Buy silicon protectors

foot protector

There are currently silicon protectors available at stores that can prevent rubbing and painful blisters.

11. Put newspaper with alcohol inside them

alcohol and newspapaer

To soften shoes and to prevent them from being painful, shape newspaper into balls and soak them in alcohol. Then stick them inside your shoes.

Wait a few days for them to dry, then after that time your shoes will be bigger and shaped to your feet.

12. Apply Vaseline

shoe vaseline

Applying just a bit of Vaseline to your feet helps keep them moisturized and prevents lesions caused by rubbing.

Are you ready to make your shoes more comfortable?  Use these recommendations and give those shoes you love another chance.

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