12 Easy Home Decoration Crafts

October 25, 2018
These home decoration tips are easy and fun to do. Take advantage of recycled or used objects you have around the house to make your home beautiful!

These days, it’s easier than ever to use your creativity to make some crafts for home decoration. This is especially thanks to the countless tutorials available on the web.

What you want to do is be creative and take advantage of objects you already have. After all, it’s entirely up to you to personalize your own home.

Today, we’ll show you some different ideas for home decoration. They’ll inspire you, give your home a breath of fresh air, and allow you to explore your skills and creativity to make every corner of your home original and beautiful.

Craft Ideas for Home Decoration

1-Homemade lamps

home decoration crafts
Lamps create a special environment anywhere they are placed. The easiest way to create beautiful and original lighting is to use paper lamps for home decoration.

Cut out tissue paper in circles or geometric shapes and stick them on a paper lantern. Pay attention to the colors you choose because the hue of your light will depend on them.

2-Decorate your bed

A bed is usually the center of attention in the room. Wooden headboards have become more fashionable lately. If you don’t want a wooden headboard, however, you can paint your wall with some elegant vinyl paint to give life to the space around the bed.

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3-Old ladders

home decoration crafts
Craft projects can enable you to reuse certain objects that may have fallen into disrepair or gotten left aside. To keep from wasting these things, take them out of that closet and give them a new purpose.

In this case, see if you have an old ladder lying around that you’re not using, cover it with some new paint or varnish. Ladders can serve as spaces to hang clothes on or shelves where you can place all kinds of decorative objects.

4-Boxes and photos in the bathroom

No matter how small your bathroom may be, you can decorate it with boxes and picture frames of all types, depending on your preferred style. The best thing about this type of decoration is you can change it up any time you want.

5-Cans and containers for home decoration

home decoration
Reuse any old containers, jars, and cans. It doesn’t matter if they’re made of plastic, glass, or aluminum.

A great way to decorate the kitchen is to reuse containers that no longer serve their original purpose. Some can be used to store your kitchen utensils in a practical and pleasing way.

6-Media organizer

Living room decorations are the most important because this is the space where you’ll entertain your friends, family members, and other guests.

An organizer will give more life to this part of the room and you can store all your books, magazines, DVDs, and other small items. Best of all, this type of furniture is easy to move and clean, so you can break it down and reinvent it as you please.

7-Photographs and paintings

Crafts made with photographs are often used for home decoration. There are all kinds of possibilities when it comes to using photos for craft projects. These range from collages of snapshots to creating your own frames.

Remember that photographs are very important because they allow you to relive important moments in your life, reflect what you love doing, and show off other aspects of your personality.

8-Thread designs

To create crafts using thread, all you need is a board, some nails, a hammer, and scissors.

  • First, place the nails in vertical rows of whatever shape you like. Be very careful to space them the same distance apart.
  • Then, use colored thread to join the nails to your liking.


decoration crafts
There are tons of different ways you can decorate your walls using a chalkboard, and there are many new colors so you’re not limited to the classic black. You can use these in the kitchen to write down recipes or a shopping list, in your office as a calendar, or just as a place to leave some funny notes.

10-Coat rack made from a tree

Coat racks don’t have to be made from a pole with arms that stands in the corner. You can paint a tree on the wall and add decorative hooks to the branches to better take advantage of your space and show off your creativity.

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11-Customized color

Bring your plain tableware to life using paint or markers. Paint any designs, names, or shapes that you like the most. Give your imagination free rein and don’t be afraid to include multiple colors, not just black.


home decoration

It’s easy to make a small seat using a tire and other recycled materials. This is also a quick craft project. Decorate any benches you have with different types of materials, based on what you find.

There are hundreds of craft projects to decorate your home and create a unique style. It’s all about letting your imagination run wild and being clever with what you have.