12-Century-Old Beauty Tricks that Are Still Used Today

Did you know that with lemon juice and the help of sunlight you can lighten your hair without artificially treating it?
12-Century-Old Beauty Tricks that Are Still Used Today

Last update: 09 March, 2018

There are some beauty tricks that are more popular than ever, despite having been around for a long, long time.

Check out these beauty secrets that’ll make you nothing less than radiant!

1. Olive oil

For centuries, people have dubbed olive oil as “golden oil.” The name doesn’t only derive from its color, but in addition, it’s useful properties. As such an amazing moisturizer, it’s no mystery why it’s a common ingredient to find in lotions and shampoos.

  • Products that are olive oil-based are perfect for softening skin and strengthening hair.

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2. Baths


Enjoying a good bath is something very relaxing that’ll be wonderful for you. Feeling good in general will be the perfect help in making you feel beautiful and radiant. Back in the day, baths were a favorite pastime for women of royalty.

  • If you alternate cold and hot baths, you’ll also be able to boost your blood circualtion.

3. Aromatherapy

Using essential oils in massages is another way to feel better and more beautiful. In addition, it’s a wonderful routine for your skin.

  • When it comes to spoiling yourself, there’s nothing better than a massage with essential oils. You’ll also get silky smooth skin over time.

4. Exfoliating textured cloth

Beauty Tricks

Instead of using a more aggressive exfoliant that could irritate your skin, you can opt for s textured cloth.

  • Using a nice textured cloth, you’ll be able to exfoliate your skin just as well as any modern cosmetic product.

5. Sugar for shaving

Sugar is the perfect product for making a homemade shaving cream. If you shave with sugar, you’ll get smooth skin that lasts for a longer time.

6. Rose petal and cream lotion

Rose petal and cream lotion

If you want to pamper your skin, rose petal and cream lotion is a wonderful option. The rose petals are for the aroma and the cream is for giving your skin a lovely smoothness.

7. Honey-based mask

Honey is the perfect ingredient for soft skin as well as for fighting cellulite. With this in mind, there’s nothing that works better than honey for an anti-cellulite massage.

  • You only need to apply the honey to the most problematic are and press your palm against the area. You’ll notice your skin becoming softer and a reduction in cellulite, too.

8. Henna

A henna-based treatment will allow you to have healthier, stronger hair in the color that you want. That’s precisely why women have used henna and basma in different proportions for so many years in order to get silkier hair.

9. Egg-based hair mask

Egg masks are wonderful for hydrating hair. If you choose to use a hair mask, you’ll end up with stronger and shinier hair.

10. Cabbage leaves

Even centuries ago, cabbage leaves have made for amazing allies for lactating women.

  • This leafy plant has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes pain. Thanks to these qualities, if you apply the leaves directly on your breasts, they can relieve the problems that appear when breast-feeding.

11. Lemon juice

Naturally lightening your hair is possible. You just need to use lemon juice and turn to the sun for a little help.

In the past, people who wanted blond hair without bleaching or dyeing, used to apply some lemon juice onto their hair and sit in the sun. By doing so, they got the tone that they desired.

12. Clay

Thanks to their effectiveness, clay masks have always been a popular option. Clay can help you get wonderful skin that’s free from cellulite as well as strong hair.

To be specific, clay masks are perfect if you want drier skin. There is a mud or clay for any skin type.

  • For drier skin, you should use white clay. Green clay is recommendable for oily skin, while people with sensitive skin should seek out red clay.
  • Before putting on a clay mask, or any other kind for that matter, you need to clean your skin well.
  • First, you need to remove your makeup and wash your face with plenty of water.
  • Dry your skin completely and apply the clay mask.