11 Tricks that Will Help You Not Quit the Gym After the First Month

December 14, 2018
When you go to the gym, you must establish an exercise program, wear comfortable clothing, stay hydrated, and, above all, learn to have fun while exercising

Perhaps it’s happened to you before: You signed up to start the gym, you bought new clothes, you improved your diet, and you started imagining your routines… Then, you followed a diet and exercised, but you tired out after a couple of weeks, and you quit the gym.

You no longer feel motivated. For some reason, you feel that the routine you had planned for that week isn’t really that special.

If this hits close to home, here are 11 smart ways to help you turn exercising into an important part of your life.

Tricks that Will Help You Not Quit the Gym After the First Month

  1. Establish Goals

    Don't quit the gym

It’s important to establish goals for yourself, so ask your instructor to help you achieve them with a suitable workout program given your age and physical build.

Also, you need to have an agenda of the exercises you’re going to do, the frequency, your starting weight and after how long you’re going to check your weight again.

All this will help you evaluate your progress and also help you evaluate the changes that are occurring in your body.

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  1. Have Fun

Remember that everything you do is for your benefit. Just because you bench more weight doesn’t mean you’ll real your goals faster.

Likewise, learn to recognize when pain is a symptom of injury. This will help you avoid getting hurt. Exercise steadily and smoothly so you actually have fun.

  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

    woman stretching on a yoga mat

Some researchers even claim that red sportswear contributes to success. Phosphorescent colors are all the rage, so they can also be a good choice.

Beyond these additional aspects, it’s essential that you avoid exercising in tight clothing because these clothes don’t let you sweat correctly. On the other hand, you shouldn’t wear waterproof garments or girdles, so it’s best to just leave them at home.

  1. Go to the Gym that’s Closest to Your Home

    woman exercising

Go to the nearest gym because the closer it is the fewer excuses you’ll have to go.

Always try to walk to the gym because it’s the perfect warm-up and is also a great cardiovascular exercise.

  1. Create a Positive Environment

Music is a great motivator, so pick your favorite music. Creating a positive atmosphere at the gym is half the battle.

  1. Buy Yourself a Three-month Subscription

    man working out

Once your money is at stake, you’ll feel committed to continue. See it as an expense that your effort will turn into an investment and thus yield positive results.

  1. Make an Exercise Plan

    woman doing a plank on a yoga mat

Define your routine, how many times a day you’re going to train, when and what you’ll do. This will ensure you don’t feel lost once you arrive at the gym and that you also don’t feel the need of going every day.

Within your exercise plan, include a 10 to 15-minute warm-up session, followed by an exercise routine to strengthen your muscles, and finish with a moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise.

Following the proper exercise order will help you avoid injuries and optimize your time, thus helping you reach your desired results.

  1. Don’t Follow Advice From Others

The things that people have learned from their own experiences may not be appropriate for you. Tips and advice can help, but nothing beats the recommendations of a personal trainer.

  1. Stay Hydrated

    woman drinking water from water bottle

It’s important to be aware of your hydration before, during, and after any physical activity. If your exercise plan lasts for more than an hour or is intense, you must replenish your body’s fluids with hydrating beverages.

If your workout is less than an hour long and the intensity is moderate, the usual amount of water you drink will probably be enough and you won’t need anything else.

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  1. Know Your Limits

Learn to recognize the symptoms that indicate that you need to stop. If you feel chest pain, fatigue, or tiredness stop exercising immediately and rest for a while.

  1. Indulge

Give yourself a small gift congratulating yourself for your perseverance. This will drive you to continue your exercise routine to improve your health and physical appearance.