11 Decorative Ideas for Your Family Photos

Not sure what to do with all of those family photos? In this article, we'll show you some creative ways to use your favorite family photos to decorate a room.
11 Decorative Ideas for Your Family Photos

Last update: 16 September, 2018

Family photos are a classic home decoration. They weave together a world using our beautiful memories and precious life moments.

Even though new trends point towards minimalism, many people still hang family photos in their living rooms, halls and rooms. In fact, people have even thought of new ways to highlight them: with lights, by hanging them, etc.

Don’t family photos shut away in a drawer. Create your own family corner and don’t limit yourself when decorating!

Family photos often have the power to move our feelings and emotions. Memories usually come with smiles and can be a great tool for filling your home with warmth.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some decorative ideas for your family photos.

Ideas for decorating with your family photos

If you like using your pictures to decorate and treasure your happiest family moments again and again, we have some great ideas for decorating creatively using your family photos.


Solid colored pillows with family photo print are definitely one of the more daring and creative trends.

Highlight special details

This technique highlights the special traits (of the subject, or our own), thus adding a personal touch.

As an example, if someone likes shiny things, you can add something shiny to the frame. Or if the subject likes to sew, you  can add some buttons or thread to highlight their interests.

Fun photos

A fun idea is looking for similarities between siblings, parents, children or grandparents and see how they’ve changed over time.

To start, there are photographs that recreate childhood moments in a creative and entertaining way. You can also look for different generational photos that share similar characteristics. Find a way to make a family tree by using original photos that show generations of similarities and differences.

Glass jars

Glass jars can be a perfect way to decorate a shelf space, table or the top part of a larger piece furniture.

You can use a simple photo or add other memory trinkets in the jar as well. Add a light source; it’ll give the jar a magical and special feel.

XL photos and micro-collages

Similar to the pillow idea, you can also make a mural using our family pictures.

Photo mosaic

What about a wall filled with pictures in a mosaic pattern? This is a perfect idea for decorating pale walls, the space above the stairs or hallways, making them a livelier space that’s full of color.

Why not?

Hanging macros

Family photos

Using boards are a great way for showcasing these kinds of layouts and crafts. Boards will let you decorate the surface with chalk without having to use an actual chalkboard.

Draw out some simple frames and hang them together with some pics or hot glue. To finish, hang all the pictures however you’d like to bring your decoration together.

Photo clock

rustic clock

Use the inner workings of a clock and hang it on a wall. After, choose 12 photos that you love and spread them out in a circle. You can use different frames for a creative touch.

Chalkboard paint

Do you like black-and-white photography?

Chalkboard paint is a great idea and will perfectly showcase black and white photos.

  • You’ll need to cut out two kinds of squares: some big ones and some small ones.
  • Paint the the bigger squares with the chalkboard paint, and they’ll be the bases for your family photos. Then, mount your pictures carefully to avoid wrinkling them, on the smaller ones.
  • When they’re all dry, you can hang them up.

Geometric Christmas lights

If you like out-of-the-box ideas, this one’s great because it’s simple and fresh. It’s great for spaces with modern and sophisticated elements.


By using shelves, or just the photographs themselves, you can fix photos to the wall in the shape of a heart.

What do you think? What’s your favorite way to decorate with family photos? 

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