10 Ways to Use Soap that You Never Knew About

Did you know that soap can be used to grease drawers and stop doors from squeaking? All you have to do is rub it onto the drawer rails or door hinges.
10 Ways to Use Soap that You Never Knew About

Last update: 05 April, 2019

Soap is one of those things everybody has in their home and is usually used for everything cleaning-related. You can find all different soap products in the store, including special kinds designed for something specific.

However, besides being a must-have for personal hygiene and keeping the house clean, it can also be a big help in other areas as well.

Since many people still don’t know about these other areas, we’ll share 10 alternative uses for soap.

Take notes!

1. Preventing paint stains

All it takes is a moistened bar of soap to protect your doors and windows from stray paint marks and drips when you’re painting the walls of your house.

Make sure to also cover the hinges and knobs to prevent spills and stains.

2. Nailing nails

Are you tired of hitting your fingers when you’re trying to nail something to the wall? Say goodbye to this painful annoyance with a little bit of bar soap.

Moisten the soap, rub it onto the body of the nail, and proceed to nail it into the wall. It makes the nail enter the wall much smoother so you don’t have to risk hitting your fingers so much!

It works great!

3. Detecting gas leaks

Gas leaks are a concerning issue, especially because they can be hard to detect on time.

If you ever think you smell gas, mix soap with water and do a test on your pipes.

Apply it to the areas you suspect are the problem. If it bubbles, that means there is a leak.

4. Lubricating drawer rails

Sticky drawers are annoying and can really test your patience. To put an end to them once and for all, grease metal rails with a little bit of soap.

Wet the bar of soap, rub it onto the rails, and you’ll see it slide as smooth as ever.

5. Removing remaining adhesive

soap to take out adhesive

Do you see bits of adhesive still sticking to your walls after removing wallpaper? Don’t let this ruin the look of your home!

Mix some soap with warm water and rub it onto the sticky areas with a gentle sponge.

6. Use soap to stop doors from squeaking

Squeaky doors can be quite the bother around the house.

While you could use store-bought grease, soap can also be used to solve this little problem.

Mix some soap and water, use a toothbrush to apply to the hinges, and you’ll notice the difference right away.

7. Keeping your nails clean with soap

soap for clean nails

When you do yard work or gardening, you probably end up with dirty fingernails.

But why deal with this problem if it could instead be prevented?

Rub some liquid or bar soap onto your nails before working in the dirt. This way, you’ll keep your nails clean.

8. Polishing away grooves and cracks

If you stop and look, you’ll see cracks and grooves in the walls of your home.

We usually cover them with special gel or glue, which doesn’t look very good.

However, to get rid of them more aesthetically, you can use soap.

Moisten a small bar of soap and use it to polish the edges of the glue or other product you’ve used to cover the grooves.

It’s important to do this before the product dries, since it’s hard to get good results afterwards.

9. Softening leather shoes with soap

soap for leather shoes

While this won’t work on all types of shoes, a little soap may help soften leather shoes that are hard on your feet.

Rub it over the inside of the shoe, let sit a few hours, and enjoy more comfortable shoes.

10. Use Soap to Get rid of difficult stains

There are all kinds of stain removers out there to get your clothes clean.

However, some of them are made from chemicals that not only affect the fabric, but that can also be bad for the environment

To prevent exposure to these chemicals, you may want to use this simple trick with white soap.

Put the bar underneath the fabric where the stain is, moisten the area, and rub to remove the substance.

Did you like these tricks? If you know any more, feel free to share them with us!

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