10 Warning Signs of Depression

· January 1, 2016

Signs of Depression… Depression is one of the most frequent diagnoses of healthcare, a mood disorder that paralyzes your life and puts doors to your happiness. Why is it so common today? Work pressure, feeling alone, family problems, lack of personal space, and quality of life…

The factors that determine a depression are many, as well as being very personal. You should remember that no depression is the same and that not all people process emotions or problems in the same way. So, when treating depression, you may need various things: confrontation therapy, pharmacological help, social support, and above all, a clear personal desire to get over this “tunnel”.

We will take a look at the most relevant signs of depression in this article, for your health and well-being.

Signs of Depression


There is an important fact that many health professionals say: Depression is never easy to diagnose, because it is sometimes confused with other diseases. Basic care doctors generally have little time to diagnose this and they often focus more on headaches or on insomnia before the underlying true reality: depression.

Therefore, it is essential that you are conscious of what is happening. Lack of interest, sadness, or frustration often occur with psychosomatic diseases, side effects of an emotional problem that has not been handled effectively. So, keep the following symptoms in mind. If you identify with 4 of them, you may already be experiencing depression.

1. Insomnia

We are not talking about temporary insomnia, but rather the chronic kind that prevents you from regaining strength and make you wake up tired and with no motivation. It is common to resort to sleeping pills to get rest, but it’s normal to wake up and find it difficult to get to sleep because something is bothering you.

2. Appetite Changes

Do you notice that you are eating out of anxiety? Or that you have completely loss the urge to eat? There are people that notice weight gain without knowing why, while others that fall into dangerous states of anorexia behind which depression is hiding.

3. Obsessive Thoughts


There are ideas that don’t leave your mind. Questions, images, or memories that you can’t forget. They are obsessive thoughts that fill you up with anxiety and that you can’t control. Something like this causes mental stress and a lot of despair.

4. Negative Thoughts and Blame

Besides those negative thoughts, it is very common to fall into a very characteristic negative mindset. You see everything from a darker point of view and lose the motivation to wake up in the morning. You are tormented with feelings of blame. It is even hard to accept help from other people and you prefer being alone.

5. It Is Hard to Concentrate

You will be absent, disoriented. You will forget a lot of things and it will be very hard to focus on anything specific. You will feel tired and will get overwhelmed when other people point out your absent-mindedness or mistakes.

6. Making Decisions Is Hard


You know that you should ask for help, or you are even aware that it’s better to face what is happening. However, you feel incapable. The physical and mental fatigue is so high that you cannot handle it alone. You feel fragile and wounded, unable to make firm decisions.

7. Strong Morning Fatigue

People with depression tend to agree on a very certain aspect: mornings are the worst part of the day. Opening your eyes and having to face a new day is extremely tasking. You will lack motivation and feel slow and have no strength to get out of bed.

8. Light Bothers You

People with depression prefer to be in a room with the curtains closed, where the light is not as intense. You prefer being alone and withdrawal.

9. Physical Pain


Migraines, muscle problems, digestion issues, tachycardia, chronic fatigue… All of those are psychosomatic symptoms that are warning signs of hidden depression.

10. Lack of Social Interest

You prefer being alone to relating with your friends and even family members. You even lose the desire for your significant other and it is difficult to listen to other people’s advice. You feel like they cannot understand you, that nobody can feel how you are feeling.

How to Handle Depression

You have to be clear: Deal with depression with bravery and all of the strength that you can find within, accepting all the help that people around you can sincerely offer you. Take note:

  • Think that you have the right to be happy again, that you should regain your goals for the present and future. The past is past and does not exist anymore. The important part is the “here and now” and your own happiness.
  • Depression is overcome little by little and with small, everyday accomplishments. Today you will go out to take a walk. Tomorrow you will make a small change: A new hair cut, a new dress, meet someone. The next day you will make a bigger change, sign up for a course or set a more complicated goal. Everyday, you will feel better if you try to take steps towards security and self-esteem.
  • Remember something important: All of us have the right to fall, but it is mandatory to get back up.