10 Truths About Breasts that You Didn’t Know

No doubt about it, breasts are one of the most attractive and beautiful parts of a woman, and are also essential for nursing babies.  It’s pretty obvious that a woman’s breasts have a clearly sexual component that are a source of attraction and pleasure for humans.  Keeping in mind their attraction and beauty, a lot of studies have been focused on them, not only in terms of health, but also regarding the pleasure and desire that they incite.

Whether large or small, there are a few things you may not have known bout breasts which you might find very interesting.  Below, we will list 10 scientifically proven facts about breasts that you may not have known.

1. The left breast is larger than the right

You have probably noticed that one breast is larger than the other, and you might have even considered this to be an abnormality.  Worry no more about this, because it is proven that breasts are not perfectly similar in size, and according to a study in the magazine Annals of Plastic Surgery, the majority of women have a larger left breast, than right.

2. Breasts can cause an orgasm

Good sex helpsBreasts are one of the most sensitive areas in a woman, being a very powerful erogenous zone that causes pleasure in both men and women.  Studies have shown that some woman can have an orgasm with manual stimulation of the breasts and nipples alone.

3. How much do a woman’s breasts weigh?

For obvious reasons, the weight of a woman’s breasts vary depending on size.  Studies have shown, however, that an average breast weighs around 0.5 kg, which means they make up only 1% of a woman’s body weight.

4. Women with breast implants are three times more likely to commit suicide

Sad womanBreast augmentation surgery continues to be one of the most commonly performed aesthetic procedures throughout the world.  One study from the Laval University of Quebec, Canada shows that the suicide rate is 73% higher in women with breast implants.

This number seems a little ironic for this procedure because the idea is to increase a woman’s self-esteem and to create more confidence and security in them.  Depression, low self-esteem, not receiving the expected results, receiving social criticism, among other factors, could be related to the decision for taking ones life.

5. Size is not a problem for breast-feeding

There is no relationship between breast size and the ability to breast-feed.  Larger breasts just have a larger amount of fatty tissue independent of the mammary glads.  That’s why size has nothing to do with the amount of milk they can produce.

6. Their size can change

BreastsIt’s normal to notice your breasts are a little inflamed or larger than normal.  This generally happens during premenstrual syndrome because of the explosion of progesterone hormones and prolactin, which influence the inflammation.

7. Smoking causes saggy breasts

All of the chemicals and toxic compounds in cigarettes destroy skin elastin and consequently, not only accelerate the skin’s aging process, but also makes breasts lose firmness.

8. Breasts get fat

During adolescence and youth, breasts are made up of mammary glands, fat and colagen, which makes them more firm.  With the passage of time, however, this is reduced and replaced by more fat.  Generally, women that gain weight also see an increase in breast size, although this is not always the case.

9. Caressing and squeezing breasts could prevent breast cancer

Breast cancerIt seems as is caressing and squeezing breasts not only stimulates them sexually and brings pleasure, but it could even prevent breast cancer.  Studies performed at the University of Berkeley and the National Laboratory at Lawrence Berkely suggest doing this, stating that mechanical strength and apply physical pressure to the breasts could prevent control cells from becomes malignant.

10. They’re the first thing a man sees in a woman

It’s normal to notice that they try to mask looking at your breasts while walking around downtown or talking to someone.  Different studies have shown that this is the first thing a man sees in a woman, and they also think about them when they are in front of them.

It was determined that most men prefer larger breasts, but independent of their size or shape, they are their weakness.

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