10 Tricks for Wearing Heels

23 October, 2018
If you have to wear heels all day and they're causing you pain, these tricks for wearing heels will help lessen that discomfort, or make it go away.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 helpful tricks for wearing heels. That way, you can wear them while suffering the least amount of pain possible.

Currently, many women have to dress formally for work or for an event and decide to wear heels. For most women, these shoes are anything but comfortable. For many, wearing heels isn’t just about improving your image, looking sleeker or smarter. It’s also a way to accompany your clothes and the image that you want to have.

Despite this, heels are very uncomfortable for many and can even cause health problems. If you’re looking for some tricks for wearing heels and making sure you stay comfortable, we’ve got them for you.

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10 Tricks for Wearing Heels and Preventing Discomfort

When wearing heels, the weight that your feet normally holds is completely shifted.

When you increase the height of the heel, the front of your foot must support up to 75% more weight than it’s used to. Because of that, it can cause damage to your foot, knees and even change the alignment of your spine.

Take advantage of these tricks for wearing heels and minimize the adverse effects of wearing heels.

1. Get used to them

You shouldn’t wear your heels for the entire day the first time you wear them. Instead, you should break them in little by little.

Try to get used to them gradually, and start with heels that are no taller than two inches. Then, when you have gotten used to them, you can move on to a taller heel.

2. Start with wide heels

tricks for wearing heels

It is, without a doubt, a better idea to start with wide heels before getting skinnier ones. By increasing the area of support, your discomfort will decrease.

As time passes and you get more used to them, you can go to skinnier and taller heels without causing yourself as much pain and suffering.

3. Take small breaks

tricks for wearing heels

We recommend that you take breaks with any type of heel, even if they’re low. This will let your legs rest and will improve their circulation.

If you can, give yourself small calf massages to relieve possible cramps and improve circulation.

4. Wear the right size shoe

Although it seems pretty obvious, we often wear shoes that are too big or too small and these cause us more pain.

If they’re too small, they’ll hurt and can cause blisters. On the other hand, if they’re too big, your foot will slide and this will put more force on the front of your foot since you’re trying to keep the shoe from coming off. Either way, it’s harmful for your feet.

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5. Try to find heels that have an ankle clasp

If there’s an ankle clasp or the insteps are not completely bare, they’ll be a lot easier to adjust. Then, you won’t have to use extra force to keep your foot from coming out, and your feet will take longer to tire out.

Another trick for wearing heels is to find ones that have a “neckline” in the form of the letter T.

6. Inserts

At the store, you can find small inserts that are placed under two different areas of the foot. Depending on where you are hurting the most, they can be placed under your toes or under your heel. These inserts relieve the pressure from the weight that’s on this area.

We recommend that you keep them in your bag and use them when the pain starts.

7. Moisturize your feet

tricks for wearing heels

It’s extremely important that you keep your feet hydrated with moisturizing cream so that you can prevent chafing. One of the more creative tricks for wearing heels is to put the cream on your shoe and spread it around so that you can soften the material of the shoe.

8. Cool your shoes, one of the best tricks for wearing heels

This tip is perfect for shoes that are too small and make you hurt.

Just put bags of water inside your shoes and put them in the freezer. When changing from a liquid to a solid state, the water will put more pressure on the shoe and cause it to expand.

9. Platforms

Choosing platforms means choosing shoes that have a thicker sole. This trick will give you the height of the heels without your foot noticing. This attachment will take 2 or 3 cm off your heel height, and your feet and legs will feel relieved.

10. Avoid thin soles

Thin soles provide little support for the bottom of your feet. Rubber platforms are better because they absorb pressure when walking and will relieve the pain in the soles of your feet.

Follow these tips for wearing heels and you’ll look great without the discomfort or pain. Try them out and tell us about your experience!

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