10 Toxins that Could Harm Children

Despite their possible side effects, we must bear in mind that vaccines are necessary, because children's health depends on it in many cases.  
10 Toxins that Could Harm Children

Last update: 09 June, 2020

Toxins are found almost everywhere on our planet and many of them could specially harm children; pollution, pesticides, cleaning products, certain foods, and even some medications are exposing children to toxic chemical substances that, in the long run, can affect their health in different ways.

How to protect children from toxins that harm them

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to prevent toxins from entering our body and causing different health issues. Pollution, poor diets and certain bad habits can cause an accumulation of toxic substances that can affect different organs in the body.

Children are exposed to all of these toxic substances in the environment and from some foods that we allow them to eat. But, by being aware of the sources of toxins and the harm that they can cause, we can take different approaches to reduce the impact that these can have on our children.

A small girl smelling a flower

Problems related to exposure to toxins increase year after year. Although medicine continues to advance and they keep finding antidotes for health problems that they cause, there are more and more cases of children and people getting sick as a consequence of exposure to toxic substances.

Although many people still ignore it, toxins can cause simple allergies to different kinds of cancer in children.

Different studies have found that children can experience one or more learning problems, development issues or behavioral problems. They have also found cases of autism, lowered defenses and other chronic diseases.

Do you know the main toxins that harm children?

Mercury fillings

The mercury in these fillings can slowly enter a child’s body everyday and cause neurological damage.

Certain pharmaceutical medications

We’re referring to a type of medication called amphetamines. These are very similar to that famous street drug known as methamphetamine. There are more and more cases of children being prescribed medications with these components, which are very dangerous.

Pills and medications

MSG monosodium glutamate

This toxin is found everywhere, especially in foods and personal care products.

Processed food and fast food

These are children’s favorites. We always buy this kind of “food” to please them. Although their taste and smell are very delicious, the truth is that they have proved to be full of chemical products that increase the risk of cancer.

These foods also cause obesity and other diseases that, in the long run, can lower their quality of life of children.

Junk food that contains toxins that could harm children

Laundry products

They are very useful when washing clothes, but they also have high amounts of toxic ingredients that can affect our health and our children’s health.

Shampoo and other personal care products

You may have never asked about the strange ingredients that they put on shampoo labels and other personal care products. It’s possible that, if you get curious and investigate, you will discover how toxic they can be for your body. It’s best to use them as little as possible and choose natural options.

House cleaning products

Glass cleaner, oven cleaner, detergents or soaps, among other cleaning products, have chemical components that, although they may seem harmless, are truly dangerous.

Inhaling or ingesting these products can seriously affect your health or result in something fatal. Be very careful when leaving them around where your children play.

Environmental pollution

It is practically impossible to not be exposed to high levels of environmental pollution in today’s world. Fumes from vehicles, companies, cigarettes and other toxic substances in the environment can affect your children everyday, and of course, us as well.

Cigarette bud expelling smoke

Carbonated beverages and soda

Children really like their flavor and turn to them to quench their thirst. Yet the truth is that these drinks contain high amounts of phosphoric acid that affect children’s teeth and bones.

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