10 Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

April 9, 2019
Although there are some things you may not want to skimp on, like your wedding dress, there are other ways to save money on your wedding. Keep reading to find out more.

It’s possible to save money on your wedding and have the party of your dreams with a little time and creativity. You can even have more fun preparing for it as a couple and with some relatives.

However, you’ll need to make smart decisions, make lists and distinguish what you can spend a little less on and what you can’t. With good organization and planning, you will have a fantastic wedding…and for a reasonable price.

10 Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

1. Give yourself enough time to plan.

The first thing you have to do is think about a date for the ceremony, and don’t let anxiety overcome you. We recommend giving yourself enough time to organize it calmly. If you decide to get married in a month, you will certainly spend more!

Having several months in advance makes it possible to save more money on your wedding from your salaries. Meanwhile, you can compare suppliers, find good deals and prepare things yourself.

2. A lower demand means lower prices.

Like tourist places, banquet halls change their prices according to the seasonTo be honest, the difference is usually huge, so this is a great way to save money on your wedding.

Pick a date in an off-season to save money on catering and other services. When the demand isn’t too high, there are several special offers and packages that you can take advantage of. The quality is just as high as in other months.

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3. Save money on your wedding by reducing your guest list.

To save money on your wedding, you can reduce your number of guests.

The guest list is one of the things you’ll have to go over a few times before sending out invitations. One of the biggest expenses is food, drinks and attention for all of your guests. Therefore, you can save a lot if you reduce the number of guests.

It’s a big mistake to write down all of the people that you have a relationship with, no matter how small. Try to cut out the relatives that you haven’t seen for 20 years, despite the fact that you may feel obliged to include them.

Also, narrow the list to relatives and friends whose company you enjoy. Having an intimate evening lets you save money on your wedding and celebrate with those who are always there for you.

4. Save money on your wedding and make your own invitations.

Buying pre-made cards and hiring graphic design companies for invitations and thank-you cards cost a lot of money. You can cut that price in half by sitting on your computer and pressing “print.”

There are hundreds of thousands of models online to inspire you and help you create your own stationery. Therefore, you can even customize it as much as you want.

To save money on your wedding, you can make your own invitations.

5. Opt for cheaper clothes.

Depending on your personalities and lifestyle, you can save money on your wedding by not spending a lot on suits and dresses. Maybe your fiancé will never wear a suit again. Therefore, just renting a suit is good enough. Then, you can have it forever in photos, not stored in a closet collecting dust.

As for the bride, there are wedding dress companies that have inexpensive options. It’s best to look online and compare prices from home. You’ll be amazed at the price differences you’ll find between very similar dresses in different places.

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6. Use recycled decorations.

Recycling old or useless items like jars and glass bottles is a very cheap and beautiful trend. With them, you can create elegant, simple and cheap decorations. Also, you can ask your family members to help by saving their old containers.

There are also large wedding fairs and decoration venues you can visit to get beautiful but practical products. With the help of the internet, it’s easy to find ideas for your taste and theme.

7. Choose seasonal wedding flowers.

To save money on your wedding, you can get flowers that are in season.

Wedding flowers, both at the ceremony and reception, have lots of impact. To save money on your wedding, we recommend choosing seasonal flowers and avoiding importing them. This will save you a lot on flowers.

Also, another way to save money on flowers is to reuse them. Once the ceremony is over, your parents can move the flowers to take them to the banquet hall. Then, have vases waiting to just put them in quickly and easily.

8. Keep it simple with the wedding cake.

The idea is to have a symbolic and simple cake to take photos and make the first cut. To serve, the waiters take it to the kitchen, and there you can have other homemade sponge cakes. Of course, this is easy if you have someone that’s willing to make them the day before.

In addition, having a dessert table is a great way to complement the cake, and there are lots of varieties that you can make at home with a little help. Therefore, you don’t need to spend even more money to hire dessert makers.

9. Save money on your wedding with less expensive rings.

Traditional wedding rings were gold…and for many, the heavier, the better.

However, this custom has changed over the years. There are beautiful options on the market made with other materials like silverwhich can save you a lot of money.

10. See if someone can lend you a vehicle for the ceremony.

Renting a limousine or special vehicle to take the couple around is an unnecessary cost that you can easily avoid. There’s always a friend or family member who can lend a vehicle for the occasion.

Then, the only thing you’ll have to pay for is to decorate it with flowers or ribbons.

It’s Up to You to Cut Down on Wedding Costs

How much money do you think you can save on your wedding if you follow these tips?

It’s probably a lot. In addition, you won’t have to sacrifice your ideas and details and can still have the day of your dreams.