10 Tips for Keeping a Clean House

· February 24, 2018
Our home should be clean and orderly, but keeping it that way requires a lot of effort as it can limited time makes things complicated. So, here are 10 tips that'll help you get the job done with a little bit of organization.

As much as we might like having a clean house that’s spick and span, the everyday bustle of life doesn’t allow us to invest much time in it– at least not every day of the week.

However, there are different ways to keep our house in order. Follow our article’s tips and you’ll be sure to have great results:

1. Establish a daily routine

Similar to when we make plans to go to the gym, a daily routine is useful for getting all the key chores done in our home.

We can do it easily and in little time, that way we can always keep things the way we want them.

In order to do that, make a list of all the important chores that you need to do, like laundry, sweeping, mopping or waxing, cleaning the tub, rotating laundry that’s drying and other chores.

After making the list, divide the house chores into 7 week ways (sorting them according to their difficulty or time required).


  • Monday: Clean windows.
  • Tuesday: Dust, sweep and wax or mop.
  • Wednesday: Laundry.
  • Thursday: Organize closet.
  • Friday: Clean kitchen.
  • Saturday: Change bedsheets.
  • Sunday: Clean bathrooms.

A routine like the one above will make it simpler for you to organize your house.

In addition, using a routine will minimize the time you dedicate to chores on weekends or your rest days.

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2. Don’t have more than you need

Of course, there are some objects that really are indispensable. However, when you’re out shopping for something for your house– like for a table, lamp or any kind of decoration in general– ask yourself: is it really necessary? Is it really going to make life easier somehow?

 If the answer is “no” and you have doubts about it, it’s better to let it go.

Remember: the more things that you have in our home, the more disorder and mess.

3. Use hooks

If you’re one of those people that leaves their keys, umbrella, bag, wallet and whatever object, anywhere in the house, place coat racks or hooks in strategic areas.

For example, you could place them in the living room, bedroom and, if you have kids, in their rooms as well.

By doing so, we can organize those objects that we throw around over the course of the day.

4. Make your bed before you leave home

There is nothing more relaxing that finding a clean, made bed after a hard day at work. Making your bed also helps keep your room neat.

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5. Wash the dishes after every meal

While not to waste water, you should wash the dishes every time you use them.

If there’s an aggravating detail in the everyday, it’s finding the dishwasher full of leftovers and dirty plates.

Household members can just wash what they’ve used during meals, making it simpler to keep the kitchen clean without too much effort.

On a further note, while you’re cookingwash the utensils as you go to prevent them from stacking up.

6. Keep your clothes organized

Even if you only have a couple of socks or shirts thrown around, they’ll make you look like the messiest person in the universe.

Use baskets for dirty and clean clothes. When you don’t have the time or energy to wash and fold clothes, everything will be in one convenient place and they won’t make your home look disorderly.

7. Clean the washing machine

Though it might be a home appliance that we don’t thinking about cleaning often, you need to remember to clean up water and other residues that build up.

In order to prevent mold and fungi from growingleave the machine door open after each cycle. By doing so, the humidity will evaporate.

8. Keep your pet clean

Whether you have a cat, dog, bird– or whatever!– always keep your pet clean. By doing so, you can prevent stains on your cabinets or beds, bugs from entering your home and bad odors in your home as well.

9. Put everything back in its place

You’ll save yourself a lot of time if you just put each item back in its place. Your house will look less messy and cleaning will be more efficient.

10. Immediately clean up stains

If you spill milk or any kind of liquid on the stove, floor, night stand or table, wipe it with a rag immediately! It’ll be harder to remove the stain after it dries.

Keeping your house in order will help make your life much more harmonious, in addition to making your house look nice. It’ll reduce stress as well because you’ll feel quite pleasant at home.