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10 Things to Do Before Breakfast

The first hours of the morning are a time to develop activities that require a lot of concentration. Dedicating this time to certain tasks predisposes you to face the rest of the day in a positive way. Here are 10 things to do before breakfast.
10 Things to Do Before Breakfast

Last update: 07 September, 2021

Throughout the day, you have to face all kinds of challenges and tasks. Starting your morning in an organized way and creating healthy habits before breakfast is the best way to face the rest of the day with energy and productivity.

In the morning hours, the mind’s more likely to be ready to solve complex activities, so many managers of large companies use that time for their priorities. Others use it for physical exercise or close family contact.

With that in mind, here’s a series of habits to make the best use of the hours before breakfast.

1. Drink water before breakfast

Hydrating the body before breakfast is an important step to start the morning with healthy habits. The benefits of drinking water range from improving total calorie intake to stimulating kidney function. It also helps skin elasticity and helps prevent constipation. Some people prefer to add lemon.

2. Get up early

It may seem like one of the hardest habits to get into, but getting up early can be achieved with practice and persistence. After a few weeks of waking up at the same time, the body gets used to it and understands that this is the right time.

Many successful people take advantage of the first moments of the day, from 5 or 6 in the morning, to perform tasks or physical activity without being interrupted. Then they start the rest of their routine.

3. Avoid the “5 more minutes” habit before breakfast

The first contact many people have when they open their eyes is with their alarm clock or phone alarm. These objects offer a tempting, but not recommendable option: to hit snooze for another 5 minutes.

Once your body has woken up, generating a new sleep cycle, even a short one, causes a drowsy effect for the rest of the day. The phenomenon is known as sleep inertia.

A woman snoozing her alarm clock.
Many hate their alarm clock or cell phone alarm, but we must learn to manage them so as not to procrastinate.

4. Exercise before breakfast

The most recommended activity to do before breakfast is physical exercise. Going for a run, doing an anaerobic routine, or going to a gym at that time helps to control calories and activate the body.

5. Meditate or do yoga

Another activity to replace or accompany physical exercise is to take 15 or 20 minutes to relax and practice meditation. Achieving a disconnection with your thoughts and the constant pending tasks helps to avoid stress, besides improving your performance in later problem-solving.

Some people choose yoga routines. Deep breathing or mindfulness techniques are also great options.

6. Stop, think, and plan

Work rhythms are often fast-paced and you’re frowned upon if you stop and think about decisions. The demands for quick responses are becoming more and more immediate, which makes it difficult to better elaborate them.

Taking a few minutes to reflect and plan your day is a habit that contributes to mental organization. Making a list of daily, weekly, and even monthly objectives helps you to have a clear idea of where to put the effort.

7. Work on important projects

There are several reasons to face priority tasks before breakfast. On the one hand, there’s usually more silence in the early hours of the morning, something that favors concentration.

In general, the mind is more motivated and ready for the complexities. But above all, performing them before work contacts, meetings, or response demands avoids distractions.

8. Work on personal projects

Other people prefer to occupy the morning quiet space for projects that have to do with personal development, beyond work demands. For example, writing a blog or a book, practicing an instrument, or learning languages. These activities are more likely to be postponed during the afternoon or evening, due to the demands of the workday.

9. Family time

Different jobs, school, or high school may keep a family apart. When evening comes, mental fatigue only allows you to watch a movie, eat dinner, and sleep.

For this reason, many choose to spend time with loved ones, whether a partner or children, before breakfast. Connecting with your family, creating quality exchanges, is more likely without the thoughts and fatigue that drag a day.

A husband and wife talking before breakfast.
If several people in the family wake up early, they can take advantage of the moment and talk deeply, without fatigue getting in the way.

10. Read the news before breakfast

Getting informed about recent events through the newspaper, the news, or social media is an activity that many people choose for the early hours. However, this is a personal habit. While for some, it’s healthy to start the day informed, others prefer to avoid the effect of negativity that current events bring.

Discover your own habits!

Of course, a single morning isn’t enough to develop all these activities before breakfast. It’s important to try and identify which habits suit you best.

It’s also possible to plan a weekly schedule that includes exercise, family time, meditation, and dedication to personal projects. Even if you can’t follow it linearly, it’s useful as a reference.

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