10 Things the Shape of Your Lips Say About Your Personality

Although they might differ in certain characteristics, the shape of your lips can actually provide some clues about the way you relate to other people.

The shape of your lips can tell you much more than you might think. Specifically, they hold some clues about your personality.

If you don’t already know what they can mean, pay attention to today’s article because we’re sure you’ll find that it’s more than just a coincidence.

See if you think this reflects the truth about you.

1. Thick or large lips

People with thicker and bigger lips have the gift of knowing how to care for other people. If you have this type of lips, you might have been the kind of child who used to feed kittens on the street, volunteer in an animal shelter, and try to take every single stray home with you.

  • These people are characterized by a strong maternal instinct as well as the desire to protect and care for those around them.
  • In stressful situations, they think about everyone else first. They are usually responsible and generous parents.

2. Larger upper lip

People whose upper lips are larger than their bottom lips are characterized by being very emotional, charismatic, and cheerful.

They also tend to have a high level of self-esteem, as well as the ability to attract other people.

In addition, they like to be the center of attention.

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3. Lips of equal size

If you have balanced lips you tend to also be a balanced person, with a healthy outlook on life.

You have a prudent and sensible way of facing life’s problems and solving them, regardless of the degree of difficulty involved.

  • You’re a good listener who accepts criticism and respects all opinions.
  • You also like to laugh and tell jokes and tend to be a very positive person.

4. Slender lips

People with thin or slender lips are often loners. They are characterized by being self-sufficient and can solve anything on their own, although they also feel comfortable with their friends.

  • They tend to get along well with everyone and pay attention to the actions of others, rather than their words.

5. Upper lip with a pronounced V

People with this type of shape tend to be creative, excellent artists or musicians. They are characterized by having a good visual memory.

They tend to be very social and look for ways to express what they feel at all times, always succeeding.

6. Upper lip with a smooth curve

If your upper lip is softly curved, you may be a compassionate, sensitive, and kind person.

You take things to heart and help others in any way that you can, wherever you are.

7. Flat upper lip

If your upper lip is flat you take high responsibility for things. You’re a very confident person. Your loved ones know that they can count on you in difficult times.

8. Small, full lips

If you have full lips but a small mouth you’re probably a flirtatious and very charming person.

Your own comfort is your top priority. Although this might seem selfish, in the end, you are compassionate and loyal, always stepping up to help someone in need.

You don’t put your interests above those of others, but you don’t want to miss out on certain opportunities, so you always weight the pros and cons before getting involved in something.

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9. Very thin upper lip

If your upper lip is much thinner than your lower lip, you’re in luck. This means you have excellent leadership qualities.

You’re a convincing person and you know how to convince others that something is so or that you deserve something. You have great personal energy, which can overflow. Success awaits you in everything you attempt.

Problems can arise in your romantic relationships, however, because your high demands can make you unlucky.

10. Lower lip is larger than your upper lip

You are a restless person who doesn’t like to be subjected to a regular or established schedule.

People with this shape of lips know how to have fun and always need to focus on something that will help them channel their energy as well as allow them to meet people.

They tend to be curious, social, and open to all new ideas and things.

They are the type of person who leads others in new adventures, the kind of friend that everyone wants to have – don’t you think?

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