10 Thieves of Your Energy

· November 29, 2015
With time we realize that forgiveness is the best option. By forgiving, our life improves since we no longer carry the burden of resentment.

We all have an assigned amount of energy, which we must learn to use positively and not waste. Your energy allows you to work with motivation, gives you a positive mind to cope with everyday situations and allows you to take advantage of every opportunity presented to you. Only you have the power to control your energy and access it for use each day. However, there are some external and internal factors that may interfere with your energy level, causing a decrease in our motivation, your mood and your productivity.

Our energy is key to obtaining success and overcoming each of the obstacles that present themselves along the way. Each one of us can renew these energies every day and get the most advantage out of them in order to bring out our strengths, talents and everything that allows us to stand out as individuals. Given that each individual is endowed with energy and this is key to their personal and professional development, the great spiritual leader Dalai Lama has outlined the 10 “energy thieves” that everyone should know in order to master our energies and prevent interferences that could prevent us from taking advantage of them.

Stay away from toxic people

your energy

  • “Let go of people who only get into your life to share complaints, problems, stories of disaster or fear, and who judge others. If someone is looking for a can to throw their garbage in, make sure it is not into your mind.”

All of us are able to distinguish which people bring positive things into our lives and which are those who want to stop us and prevent us performing as we wish to.

Pay your bills on time

There is nothing better for our peace of mind than to know that we do not owe anyone anything and that no one owes us anything.

  • “Pay your bills on time. At the same time, collect from the one that owes you or choose to let it go if it is impossible to collect.”

Being responsible with debts helps us to be calm in front of others and with ourselves. It is best to do everything we possibly can to free ourselves of debts and to not have to hide or be ashamed for not having paid them.

Keep your promises

  • “If you have not kept them, ask yourself why you resist. You are always in your right to change your opinion, to apologize, to compensate, to renegotiate and to find another alternative towards a promise you have not kept; but that must not become a habit. The best way to avoid doing something you do not want to do, it is by saying NO from the beginning.

Promises no matter how small can have a very significant value for people to whom you have made the promise. Keeping our promises makes us better people both on a personal level and a professional level.

Delegate what you do not want to do

your energy

  • “When possible, do away with or delegate those tasks you prefer not to do and dedicate your time to doing what you like best.”

This is not to evade our responsibilities, but to be aware that sometimes it’s best to give the work to someone who can do it better or who can take your place when you do not feel in the best position to do so. Also, this reminds us that it is important to do the things that are truly significant in our lives.

Rest and Act

  • “Give yourself the chance to rest if you find yourself in a moment when you need it, and give yourself permission to act when you find a moment of opportunity.

Both nature and our life have different rhythms in the day and each of us must know how to deal with it. Many times not stopping when we need to can be a big mistake, and likewise, not acting when we are able to can generate future regrets.

Throw out, pick up and organize

  • “Throw out, pick up and organize, nothing takes away more energy than an untidy place full of things from the past that you do not need anymore.”

From physical things to spiritual things, it is very important to throw out everything that we do not need, leaving behind all that has passed and take only those things that allow us to organize ourselves to live well today and fulfill our dreams for the future.

Care for your health

your energy

  • “Give priority to your health, without the machinery of your body working at maximum, you cannot do much. Take some breaks.”

It’s useless to have the best job, lots of money and the finest things if we do not enjoy good health and we do not take care for our bodies. To enjoy life with the best energies, we must devote the deserved time to our bodies in order to detoxify, meditate, indulge, eat well, exercise, consult with a doctor and do everything necessary to be in good health.

Face difficult situations

  • “Face the toxic situations that you are now tolerating, from rescuing a friend or family member, to tolerating negative actions from your partner or a group, and take the necessary action. “

Facing the situation is the healthiest way to deal with it and not let it become worse. It is important to analyze and decide on time, since postponing or ignoring things can generate stress, make focusing difficult and make the problem more difficult to resolve.


  • “Accept. It is not resignation, but nothing makes you lose more energy than resisting and fighting against a situation that you cannot change. “

Although many believe that nothing is impossible and that hope is the last thing you want lose, sometimes life puts us in situations where we must accept that we cannot change things and the only way to deal with it is to accept it. Accepting it does not mean we should stop fighting, when we accept that we cannot change something, we also have the possibility to change our plan and seek new opportunities.


  • “Forgive, let go of a situation that is causing you pain, you can always choose to leave the pain of a memory”.

One of the largest sources of energy is love or being connected to God to learn how to forgive. It is true that life often puts us in situations that fill us with anger, pain, bitterness and fear, which can be difficult to overcome. However, when we decide not to feed these feelings and we begin to forgive, everything in our life improves and with time we realize that we made a good decision. Hatred, bitterness and anger are feelings that do not bring us anything good and can lead us to make bad decisions.