10 Techniques to Make You a Better Kisser

You've dreamed about it. You've seen it in movies. In fact, you've probably idealized it so much that when the time comes, you don't know what to do. Kissing is one of the most significant demonstrations of affection. Here are 10 techniques to make you a better kisser.
10 Techniques to Make You a Better Kisser

Last update: 02 April, 2019

Kissing is much more than just placing your lips on someone else’s and moving your mouth. People have studied it since ancient times, but for many, becoming a better kisser is an art that requires time and practice.

However, if you don’t master certain techniques, this situation might be uncomfortable. So that doesn’t happen to you, we’ll show you some successful strategies to make you a better kisser.

What Happens When You Kiss

Man working on being a better kisser.

Kissing is almost always a special moment. In addition, it’s also healthy. The touch when kissing helps alleviate depressive states, and release well-being hormones that benefit your physical and psychological health.

Unlike most animals, humans kiss on their lips.Research shows that one of the first cultures to do this was a Hindu tribe over 3,500 years ago. In this culture, kissing meant “inhaling someone’s soul.”

Kisses today are very common in Western culture. For many, their first kiss or the first time their kissed their partner is unforgettable. In fact, people often remember what their first kiss was like in more detail than their sexual relationships.

“In a kiss, you’ll know everything I kept in silence.”

-Pablo Neruda-

Kissing connects two people’s worlds and erase any distance between them. Thus, kisses are a very decisive element in the process of choosing a partner.

This touch indicates how you can know if a relationship will work or not. On the other hand, behind a kiss are numerous neurotransmitters and biological components of evolutionary theory.

Tips to Be a Better Kisser

Sometimes, people listen to what they see in movies, on TV or what others tell them. However, to surprise your partner and to give him an unforgettable kiss, follow these tips:

  • Go slowly. Take your time getting closer and navigating his lips.
  • Take breaks. Don’t do all of your moves at once.
  • Take the opportunity to breathe close to his or her lips, but without kissing your partner directly.
  • Caress. While you kiss, run your fingers through your partner’s hair, and caress his or her face and neck. Also, delicately lower your arms and touch his or her arms.
  • Nibble. However, don’t make it so intense the first time. Your partner might not like it or feel scared. It’s better to try it gently first and just on the edges of his or her lips.
  • Let yourself go. Learn to relax and wait for things to happen.
  • Try to vary the pace to prevent boredom and monotony.
  • Use your tongue. However, it’s not about shoving your tongue down your partner’s throat. Instead, make subtle movements.
  • Try not to end abruptly. Do it with a look or a caress.
  • Surprise your partner with an unexpected and different kiss every time.

Extra Tips to Become a Better Kisser

Kissing is an art, so there are techniques to be a better kisser.

In the art of kissing, not everything is about technique.As always, the moment, the place, the mood, and above all, the attitude will determine whether or not it will be pleasant or not.

Therefore, we have a few more tips for you:

  • It’s important to keep your breath smelling and tasting fresh. Keep mints with you.
  • Dry lips aren’t enticing to kiss. Moisturize your lips constantly, and before kissing, moisturize them again.
  • Being well-groomed produces a positive sensation that makes people want to kiss you.
  • Knowing the other person and sharing secrets are good ways to break the ice and build intimacy.
  • Context matters. It’s important to choose a good place.
  • Also, learn what your partner likes and doesn’t like. Therefore, it’s important to know if she or he tends to be more passionate, risky, careful, etc.
  • Try to make it so your first kiss doesn’t last longer than half a minute or so. This way, you leave your partner longing for more!

Kissing helps you get closer and gives you a taste of the aroma, flavor and pheromones involved with relationships. Kisses open the door to the path where you can continue the relationship. Finding out chemistry in a kiss will help you understand why a kiss worked or not.

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