10 Simple Tricks to Wash your Clothes Correctly

If you don't want your clothes to wear out too early, it's very important that you pay attention to a few details while washing, avoiding anything that could damage the material.
10 Simple Tricks to Wash your Clothes Correctly

Last update: 06 February, 2019

Every day it’s becoming more and more common to buy a new article of clothing and slowly, over time, it becomes damaged. Your clothes get tiny holes under the seams, the colors lose their brightness, they stretch, and they shrink. We’ll be focusing how to wash your clothes correctly in this article.

Not looking after your clothes well means that you’ll have to renew your wardrobe frequently. This doesn’t only affect your image, but it also poses a big problem for your wallet as well. To fix this problem, we going to suggest a few tricks to help you keep your clothes looking brand new.

1. Only wash what is dirty

Some worn out clothes.

Even though it may seem obvious, a lot of people tend to throw clothing in the dirty laundry basket that was barely worn. Keep in mind that the more you wash your clothing, the more worn it gets.

2. Be careful during the first wash

The first time you wash your clothes is fundamental, because this is where you could damage the color, elastic, and other chemical products that have treated the fabric. Keeping this in mind, it’s best to carefully read the label that indicates the necessary care instructions.

3. Separate white clothing from darks

Even though we live in a fast-paced world that causes us to ignore this traditional trick, it’s important to follow through with it. This will help you wash colored clothing with the products and processes necessary in order to maintain their color.

White clothing needs different methods to keep them looking new, as well as for keeping the fabric in good shape. Colored clothing also require special treatment so the colors don’t lose their intensity.

4. Don’t overload the washing machine

A lady loading the washing machine.

In order to keep your wardrobe looking brand new, it’s best to think about the size of each load. This will determine the right amount of detergent and water to be used.

If you don’t follow this advice, the cleaning process will not be done correctly. This may damage your clothing by leaving it unprotected.

That’s why it’s very important to understand how to load your washing machine. If not, you could be turning this ally into an enemy.

5. Use cold water to wash your clothes

The temperature of the water you use is very important. Keep in mind that you should generally use cold water to wash your clothes, in order to preserve any kind of product in good condition. Clothing is not an exception: cold water protects and maintains clothing as new.

6. Look over necklines and arm cuffs

Before placing your clothing in the washing machine, take a look at these areas and apply a bit of baking soda and vinegar to them. This will help cut through oils that accumulate in this area, easily removing them.

This keeps your clothing clean and looking as new as when you bought them.

7. Natural products are just as good

A lady washing clothes by hand.

Keeping your clothes in the best of conditions, while also keeping the washing process sustainable, are completely compatible. Try natural softeners, like white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

These alternative resources are highly advisable because detergents, bleach, or softeners are very abrasive and damaging.

To prove it, just think about how the development of these items has come with a growing worry for your wardrobe’s condition.

8. Use a washing bag

These items are becoming more and more popular among people who are concerned about keeping their clothing new. The bags are meant to protect clothing from friction in the washing machine, along with any consequences this friction might bring: fuzzy balls forming, and clothing losing its shape.

9. Close zippers

This is a very important step because, if left open, the teeth can tear other clothes in the wash.

So if you want to keep your clothes looking like new, make sure you follow through with this step.

10. Check pockets

Having coins or other items in your pockets has a double effect: it weakens clothing and changes its color.

Not to mention that coins rub up against other pieces of clothing, which pulls on them because of the friction in the washing machine. It also discolors your clothing, mixing the water with the dyes in each wash.

If you follow all our advice about how to wash your clothes correctly, you’ll have clothing looking brand new for longer. You’ll also be caring for the environment by using sustainable products. You’ll reduce the number of washes, and therefore you’ll be reducing the amount of water and electricity used.

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