10 Recommendations to Strengthen Your Defenses Through Your Diet

Having iron-strong defenses is no easy task, but if you follow a healthy diet you can achieve this effortlessly.
10 Recommendations to Strengthen Your Defenses Through Your Diet

Last update: 02 November, 2018

In the modern world, there are many factors that can weaken your immune system. Temperature changes, continuous stress and tiredness are three factors which should alert you when it comes to strengthening your defenses.

Maintaining a healthy diet is always a good decision and will help you to keep your immune system in good condition. To achieve optimum levels of defenses in the body, it is essential to eat a balanced diet.

In this article, we’re going to recommend 10 foods to strengthen your defenses through your diet, while avoiding vitamin supplements or medication, which tend to be the most common solutions.

You should always make sure to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, because they contain macro-nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. All of these help balance the levels of your white blood cells, which are responsible for protecting your body from illnesses and infections.

10 foods to reinforce your defenses

1. Garlic

Garlic is commonly used to give flavor to culinary dishes. However, it has countless properties which make it a great ally for our health.

It’s antibacterial and anti-viral, which helps improve your defenses and your capacity to respond to illness.

2. Citrus fruits

Strengthen Your Defenses

Fruits like oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit and tangerines contain lots of vitamins, especially vitamin C. It’s important to eat them to strengthen your defenses, and they will help you prevent the typical illnesses caused by climatic changes, like coughs and flu.

If you’re already suffering from one of these illnesses, vitamin C will also help you recover more quickly and easily.

3. Onions


An onion infusion will always help to strengthen the capacity of the immune system.

  • You can boil it in water and drink it at a high temperature to relieve respiratory problems like catarrh and congestion in the lungs.

If you prefer, you can also eat it raw to help reduce the problems caused by coughs and mucous. In both cases, onion will help strengthen your defenses and increase their ability to respond to illnesses.

4. Red fruits and vegetables

This group includes red peppers, tomatoes, cherries and strawberries. These foods are rich in vitamin A and carotene, two compounds that help strengthen the defenses and prevent illness.

5. Water


Every sip of water you take helps to strengthen your defenses. This is because when you keep your body hydrated, mucous gets dissolved.

This way, you’ll keep your respiratory tracts free of congestion. At the same time, you’ll protect them from bacteria and viruses.

  • Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day to guarantee you’ll keep viruses away.

You can also drink coconut water to increase the electrolytes in your body. This favors hydration, especially in moments of lots of physical wear and tear.

6. Nuts like almonds

Nuts are rich in vitamin E, an important ally for eliminating toxins. This vitamin is an antioxidant and increases the number of leukocytes, which protect the body from illness, viruses and bacteria.

Almonds in particular help reduce cholesterol thanks to their Omega-3 contentA good option is to prepare almond butter which you can use to accompany all sorts of foods.

7. Honey

Using honey to treat coughs is very popular. When you’re suffering from the flu, a cough or a cold, eat a tablespoon of honey. Its antiseptic properties will help to strengthen your defenses.


8. Oatmeal

Oats are a superfood that’srich in minerals like magnesium, zinc and copper. These directly help your immune system, increasing its efficiency against the viruses and bacteria which cause illnesses.

9. Mushrooms


Mushrooms have anti-viral and antimicrobial properties.

These vegetables improve the immune system’s ability to respond to any danger that threatens the body. You can eat them before going to bed, seasoned with garlic and onion.

10. Royal jelly

Eliminate Mental and Physical Fatigue Naturally

Royal jelly is a product made by bees. It is a natural superfood that totally reinforces the immune systemWhen temperatures are low in winter, it works perfectly to strengthen your defenses.

Extra: fight stress

Don’t forget that the immune system can also be weakened by factors other than food. At the start of this article, we mentioned tiredness and stress. Stress is a decisive factor for health.

Stress can cause a depression of the immune system. If this happens, your blood pressure and cholesterol will go up along with imbalanced hormone secretion. As a result, you could suffer from many illnesses.

So, we recommend you do exercise and practice some kind of activity that improves your emotional wellbeing, as well as including the 10 foods we just mentioned. Strengthening your defenses is a daily task.

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