10 Reasons Why Red Wine is Good for You

· August 2, 2017
We have some good news for all of you wine-lovers: As long as you drink it responsibly, red wine can help support your cardiovascular health, prevent obesity, and even help with depression.

Red wine is an alcoholic beverage that has been a part of hundreds of cultures for centuries all over the world.

It’s commonly consumed during celebrations and special occasions. However, many people like to have it with lunch or dinner, especially in Southern Europe.

Lately it has gotten very popular, not just because it tastes great, but also because it is recognized as having nutrients that are great for your health.

Althought it shouldn’t be consumed in excessive quantities, it is a healthy source of antioxidants.

Its main active ingredient, resveratrollowers your risk of cellular aging and other negative effects caused by free radicals in the environment.

It also contains vitamins and minerals that support proper functioning of your body’s main systems.

Below, we’ll share 10 good reasons to drink red wine moderately.

1. It prevents obesity

The antioxidants in red wine have the ability to activate a certain gene that impedes the formation of new fat cells.

This, along with its detoxifying power, lowers your risk of obesity and helps overweight people lose weight.

2. It eliminates bacteria in your mouth

Drinking a small glass of red wine a day is key to preventing problems in your teeth and gums.

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it keeps bacteria from growing. This includes streptococcus, which often causes with cavities and gingivitis.

It’s great at neutralizing bad breath and other symptoms of infection.

3. It improves cognitive functioning

The resveratrol and other antioxidants in red wine are good for your brain.

They balance your body’s inflammatory processes and reduce your risk of arterial hardening. This is key to proper oxygenation of your brain.

A small glass a day is enough to lower your risk of dementia and premature tissue breakdown.

4. It protects your skin from the sun

The flavonoids found in this beverage are useful for protecting your skin from the negative effects of the sun’s UV rays.

These antioxidants lower your risk of sunburn and irreversible skin damage.

5. It prevents depression

Consuming 3 or 4 glasses of red wine per week may help stimulate the production of hormones like endorphins and serotonin. Both of these are associated with health and happiness.

The antioxidants lower your secretion of cortisol and improve your mood, fighting stress and depression.

6. It prevents premature aging

The vitamins and minerals in this beverage are a big help in protecting your organs from the deterioration caused by premature cell aging.

These substances minimize the action of free radicals and lower your risk of inflammatory disorders.

7. It improves respiratory health

Resveratrol, the active antioxidant in red wine, has the ability to protect your respiratory airways from damage caused by toxins and chemical contaminants in the environment.

Its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying powers help decongest you and reduce the risk of negative changes in your cells.

This means that, in small doses, it’s great at preventing the formation of malignant tumors in your lungs.

8. It supports your heart

One glass of red wine a day for women – or two for men – can help lower your risk of cardiovascular problems that come with bad cholesterol (LDL) and hypertension.

Its antioxidants reduce lipid oxidation in your arteries and maintain elasticity. This results in optimal blood flow.

9. It fights tiredness

Another virtue of this beverage is its ability to give your body energy when you’re feeling tired or fatigued.

Believe it or not, the nutrients in it improve cellular activity. Plus, they help improve your mental and physical performance.

10. It controls urinary tract infections

Due to its diuretic effect and antioxidants, red wine can help reduce the growth of bacteria in your urinary tract.

It has an astringent effect that improves the health of your bladder and optimizes the elimination of waste and microorganisms that build up in this area.

Did you know red wine was this good for you? Now that you know, enjoy it in moderate amounts.