10 Plants that You can Easily Grow in Your Garden

In this article, we reveal ten plants that you can grow easily to create a pleasant and natural environment at home.
10 Plants that You can Easily Grow in Your Garden

Last update: 22 November, 2020

If you don’t have much gardening skills or you’re a beginner, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to have your own mini garden. There are many plants that you can easily grow in your garden.

However, not all plants are easy to grow and maintain. There are many that are not suitable for plant pots or small spaces.

For this reason, you need to know how to choose the right plants to start with on your journey into gardening.

Which plants are easy to grow?

plants that you can easily grow

Plants can make your home a more attractive, pleasant and welcoming. They also cleanse the air, making your open spaces more fragrant. Get ready to give a bit of life to every corner of your home with the suggestions below!

First, it’s good to remember that you can also plant fruit and other edible plants. And yes, there are many plants that you can easily grow. With the right variety of plants, you’ll be able to make your home look three times better than before.

Secondly, you need to decide where your plants are going to go. How big the space is, how much light there is, humidity, and the quality of the soil (either ground soil or potted) is all important. Once you’ve put a plant in a place where it has everything it needs, it’s best not to move it.

Why? Because plants get used to their surroundings. If you move them, it’s possible that they won’t have everything they need, even if you think that they look better in a different place.

In other words, not everything is about aesthetics. You need to also bear in mind the needs of the plant. These choices can be simplified as follows:

  1. Size of the plant.
  2. Ornamental plant: With flowers or without?
  3. Does the space have more light or shade?
  4. Will you need to water it every day or not?

Although plants with flowers are really eye-catching, they’re not the best for beginners. Generally, flowering plants tend to be more delicate and require more attention than others.

However, certain small, highly aromatic plants can be grown quite easily. There include: mint, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and parsley (all of which are edible too!).

5 garden plants you can grow easily

5 garden plants you can grow easily

Roses, daisies, geraniums, and birds of paradise are all adapted to tropical climates. Therefore ,you need to put them in spots with plenty of sunlight, keep the soil free of weeds, and keep them well-watered.

If you do this, you’ll be providing the basic conditions for them to grow.

In the case of Bougainvillea, there are a wide variety of this species of plant. Some of them don’t grow very much, with can make them suited to small or medium-sized plant pots.

Remember, beauty doesn’t depend on how many plants you have, but how well you look after them.

5 aromatic plants that you can grow easily

  1. Peppermint. This highly adaptable plant can be grown in a range of conditions. It’s beauty and aroma are unequalled and you can use it to add flavour to your meals. You can grow it either in a pot or directly in the ground in your garden.
  2. Parsley. This is a really practical herb with a pleasant smell, which works well as a condiment for various dishes, or an ingredient in home remedies. It won’t take up much space in either your garden or a growing box.
  3. Lavender. You can grow this in either a pot or in the ground, but bear in mind that it can tend to spread out as it grows. It’s suitable for most climates and will provide a soft and fresh aroma to your garden.
  4. Chamomile. This herb has excellent medicinal properties which can help with digestion, relaxation, inflammation, and more. It’s really easy to grow and its seeds are widely available.
  5. Mint. This plant is rich in menthol which can be used to treat respiratory problems, digestive problems, and flatulence. It’s wild nature makes it compatible with any soil type or climate.
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